Become a Partner Payment API

Today’s merchants and marketplaces know the value of partners like you. When connected to your API, they gain more transactions and business flexibility.

You need an adaptable and secure way to work with today’s merchants and marketplaces. Spreedly is the PCI compliant, developer-friendly bridge that connects applications to your API. That makes it easy for new merchants to onboard with your platform.

Spreedly integrates with 100+
third-party payment APIs



Do More Business with Partners

Spreedly’s Payment Method Distribution (PMD) helps you quickly generate business from your partners’ online transactions.

PMD tells Spreedly to call a third-party API and include secure, tokenized card data. We then act as a proxy that adds in sensitive cardholder data before passing along the customer’s API request to the third party. How do you make it easy for more merchants to find and transact with your payment API? Spreedly helps partners:

Access More Merchants

Becoming a Third-Party payment API partner helps you access thousands of merchants that transact via our platform. You can help merchants and marketplaces to securely pass card data to your platform via your API.

Onboard Partners Fast

You want to make it simple for new partner companies to quickly connect to your platform. Spreedly’s unified payments API makes it fast for your partners to pass transactions to your API. More partners means more business.

Fast Development

Our API supports sophisticated development use cases. That means merchants using the Spreedly API can quickly roll-out even complicated applications that connect to your gateway.

Support for Third-Party APIs

Our support for 120+ payment gateways means it is even more valuable for your partners to connect to your network. That gives your customers even more value from our combined solution.

Getting Started

How do you make it easy to get more businesses to use your API? Spreedly can help.

Our Payment Method Distribution (PMD) capability lets merchants and marketplaces securely transfer sensitive, protected card data to your API. Spreedly’s PMD makes it easy for your merchant partners to build and maintain applications that transact with your system.

And because we tokenize card data, we minimize PCI compliance scope. So, you can rapidly onboard new partners and merchants with Spreedly as your secure, PCI compliant connector.

The Process
  • Once we determine this is the right solution, we’ll need the following to verify your level of PCI compliance and enable the connection. Attestation of compliance (AOC) or applicable SAQ for your business A current ASV Scan Report Attestation of Scan Compliance Your API’s technical integration documentation, including its production URL
  • After the initial PMD integration has been approved your other customers will have access. They can immediately send protected card data to your API without exposing themselves to the rigors of PCI compliance.
  • Feel free to point other clients to us if you think we can help. Or contact sales if you have additional questions.

Contact us below and someone from our business development team will follow up with you shortly. We look forward to making you part of our family of payment API providers.