Money 20/20 is one of the most important fintech events of the year. And its importance keeps rising each season. You want an event that has agenda topics that match your professional and personal interests. Topics that teach you something new and that you can apply to your world immediately. Money 20/20 definitely has the breadth of topics and channels that payments and fintech professionals are looking for with a range of talented and practical speakers. And you also want great networking opportunities. Not just in the exhibit hall and during sessions, but also in-between sessions, in the hallways, and after the close of the business day. A great event will have a massive gravitational pull that almost mandates that people in the industry attend. 

In fact, try this thought experiment. Imagine attending a conference, but not having a ticket to attend any of the sessions. Would the event draw enough of your peers, partners, customers, and prospects into a one-mile radius that that alone would justify the trip? If the answer is ‘yes’, that event has achieved an incredible amount of gravitational pull. And Money 20/20 is one of those events. But let's step back and look at the content itself. More than 450 speakers will be on site to deliver great content to almost 12,000 attendees. With that much information coming at you, it can be tough to decide which sessions to attend. To other help payments professionals, I thought I'd share the sessions that I plan to participate in.

1. Merchants Deserve More: Achieving 98% Customer Retention, 3X LTV

The first session I’ll point out is from Suneera Madhani, CEO and founder of Spreedly customer Fattmerchant. In this session she’ll explore the importance of payments innovation not just for the end customer – but also for the merchant. She’ll discuss how merchants can benefit from the omni-channel payments experience to retain their end-customers and generate more revenue.

2. The Uberization of Business Payments

In this session, we’ll hear from the CEOs of and Payoneer. The uberization mentioned in the session title refers to the rising expectation among consumers for a seamless transaction. But complex back-office challenges can threaten to derail a great customer experience. The speakers will look at emerging tech and trends that can help businesses confront those blockers.

3. New Insights on Consumer Behavior & Usage of Digital Payments

McKinsey is legendary for its approach to data and mining that data for the truths that need to be told. In this session, Google and McKinsey experts join forces to unpack the data from the latest McKinsey Digital Payments Survey. They’ll look at how payments are being processed in apps, in-store, and more.

4. Hey Payments Innovators, The Customer is Always Right

Spreedly customers are driving their growth through payments innovation. So, a session title like this is definitely going to get our attention. Plus, you’ve got in one room payments thinkers and practitioners from Walmart, Bestbuy, Nordstrom, and Wakefern. What a line-up. The panel will look at various payment technology and best practices around adoption.

5. Payments Interchange Fees: Ubiquitous Today, Replaced Tomorrow?

Interchange fees are a constant topic of discussion among merchants. So, no surprise that they are coming up here. I’m very interested to hear what this panel has to say, since it has Dan Van Dyke from Business Insider and the CRO of Marqeta. Should be a great dialog with a view into the future.

Bonus Recommendations!

Two other sessions look to be very interesting. What payments and fintech event would be complete without a look at blockchain? "4 Days to 4 Seconds: Blockchain & Global E-Commerce Payments" promises to be an interesting panel given its speaker list. Great names on there. Plus, the session "Return of the Planet of the APIs: The New Payments Ecosystem" is near and dear to our hearts. We know the power of connecting through a single API connection into virtually any gateway or endpoint. So this should be an interesting discussion.   If you see other payments-related sessions that also are must-attend, let me know via Twitter @petermollins or @spreedly.

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