What is Payments Dialog?

This summer, my colleague Kelly Ross and I attended the Payments Ed Forum in Boston in May. It was a great event, filled with a ton of information -- both strategic and tactical -- about how to improve your payments processes. One thing that struck me in particular was how much information sharing there was between the various attendees. No matter which company you were with. No matter how much experience you had. There was always something to be learned from your peers. 

That event brought together payments engineers and technologists in a fun, informative venue for exchanging payments insights.

Put these two elements together, and we see there's a huge desire in the market to share information about payments. So, that's the genesis of "Payments Dialog". 

We're launching an informal interview series where experts and thought leaders in the payments space can come together to talk about specific payments topics. Some will be technical. Some will be business oriented. But all will be an interesting exchange of views that help all of us in the industry to get better at driving innovation and revenue via payments technology.

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