Batch Export Beta Release

Written by
Ryan Daigle
Publication Date
July 20, 2016
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In 2014, Spreedly released Payment Method Distribution, the ability to send card data to external APIs such as and TicketMaster, and in doing so made your universal vault much more flexible and powerful. Today, we're happy to announce the beta release of PMD batch export, which lets you send multiple cards in a single call to third party endpoints via SFTP. Ever since the release of PMD, this has been a commonly requested feature, and we're excited to extend PMD to support this new use-case.

Batch export

Many third-party APIs accept a single PAN to do things such as reserve a travel itinerary or purchase tickets, and for this use-case Spreedly's deliver endpoint lets you deliver any API call you want using a simple templating syntax. But for APIs that process many thousands of cards at a time sending cards one by one can be onerous and slow. 

Some examples of batch APIs are loyalty programs run by MasterCard and Visa, and even building ACH settlement files to charge against bank accounts. With the new export API call, you can now specify a list of payment methods that should be added to the request body and Spreedly will automatically send them out, in the format you specify, as a single call. This makes interacting with batch APIs possible, and makes practical a whole new class of functionality for your business.

SFTP endpoints

Almost all the batch APIs we've been asked to integrate to rely on SFTP to upload a file to a secure server, and our initial release lets you export multiple cards at once using SFTP. Simply provision an SFTP receiver, and then invoke export using that receiver token. A file will be created per the template you specify and uploaded to the SFTP endpoint. All the same PMD request variables and functions that are available when delivering to an HTTP API are available when exporting to an SFTP endpoint, providing you with complete flexibility over the file format and data.

Try it out

Batch Export is currently a beta release, meaning it's suitable for production use but may be tweaked before General Availability. If you'd like to take part in the beta program, please let us know by emailing and including which batch endpoint/API you need to integrate with. 

The functionality is self-service and publicly available (as all our functionality is), but we'd like to understand your use-case and support you closely during the beta period. We're excited to get this in your hands and can't wait to see what you'll make with the Batch Export API!

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