Parclick, Spreedly and Parking Apps

Written by
Justin Benson
Publication Date
November 18, 2014
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We see a lot of innovative startups in Spain interested in our platform. We also see one of the most difficult payment landscapes for startups to get started. Recently we've worked with CatalunyaCaixa to reduce the challenge of working with Spreedly and Redsys and today we share multiple customers. We hope other Spanish banks will soon follow their lead. 

One of our newer customers is Parclick. Parclick was born in 2011 right after one of the founders missed half of a concert due to the lack of available parking spots. The founding team thought that people would like to book parking spots in advance - just as they book hotels or flights. They launched three years ago and have been growing rapidly ever since.

They help car-park operators find and retain an attractive source of new revenue: long-stay customers. Drivers benefit too via cost saving parking offers and innovative parking products for both mobile and desktop. And everybody makes their concert in time! 

While early traction was impressive, Parclick wanted to improve the payment experience. Put simply, sending customers off to a hosted payment page for payment impacted brand, flow, analytics and ultimately conversion. 

The goal was to continue to utilize in-country processing for improved credit card success rates and lower processing fees while creating an end to end Parclick payment experience. "We found out about Spreedly through a friend, the CEO of another Startup that was implementing Spreedly at that time. He described what they were doing with Spreedly and it matched perfectly with what we wanted to do" said Luis Paris, CEO of Parclick. Spreedly was shortlisted together with two other competitors, and selected after a month of testing. "We chose Spreedly for several reasons. First, Spreedly had all security certificates we needed to operate payments safely for us and our customers. Next, Spreedly fit perfectly into our technological stack, allowing us easily to implement things like resilience processes for different payment gateway. Spreedly allowed us too to manage both desktop and mobile payments; and last, but not least, they were always ready to help when we needed them" said Ivan Rodriguez, Chief Business Development Officer. "It took one month to get Spreedly into production, half of what we were expecting. And we are pleased with the performance and resilience of Spreedly; since we started using it we had zero downtime" Ivan added. 

Spreedly has helped Parclick to improve their customer experience: "We at Parclick work tirelessly to improve customer experience, and owning the payment process was critical. This applies to using our own payment form that we can design, track and improve. Also to a seamless desktop/mobile payment process. And to easy recurrent payments without compromising our customer's sensitive data" said Eduardo Layrisse, CMO. "One very important thing that separates Spreedly from the pack is their prompt technical support, and their willingness to walk side-by-side with customers, to become a partner rather than a provider. This was key for our decision" added Luis Paris. "Our next challenge is to integrate Spreedly with other payment processors such as Paypal"

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