PayMill, ActiveMerchant and Spreedly

Written by
Justin Benson
Publication Date
February 15, 2013
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At Spreedly we work with more than 45 payment gateways. For the last two years we've watched developers in the US embrace Stripe while developers in Europe lamented their lack of a similar option. 

So the arrival of PayMill - a Stripe like competitor - has attracted a substantial amount of interest from our European customers and prospects. They also raised a lot of money very quickly - including annoucning a $13 million raise in January only to add another $5 million in February.The involvement of the Samwer brothers has made some less enthusiastic about PayMill than others. All we can say at Spreedly is that this is the most requested gateway since Stripe itself showed up.

Today we completed the pull request so that PayMill is now in ActiveMerchant. It's also supported in Spreedly Core. We think Europe is about to experience the type of innovation and disruption in credit card based payments that the US has enjoyed over the last few years. 

Spreedly might be your port in the storm if you want to have the flexibility to take advantage of the change that's coming.  

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