Testing the workings of any new API integration is the key to a successful production launch. This is especially true when you have customers that rely on your payment platform to transact and generate revenue.

Whether you've decided to test prior to committing to Spreedly, or you've subscribed and want to hit the ground running, Spreedly provides a full-featured 

Despite this, we still see customers run into similar issues during testing. To help ensure a successful Spreedly API integration, avoid these four common pitfalls.

Read the API Documentation

Our technical documentation is created by developers for developers. It is the go-to resource for everything from the most vanilla iFrame usage to how to use a more complex feature like Payment Method Delivery.

However, people often skim or skip the documentation altogether, which generally results in a lot of easily avoidable pain. Prior to using the testing guide, the section of Spreedly documentation is a must-read. It explains Spreedly's core technology and how you can access it to begin testing immediately.

For example, we recommend that all authenticated calls like `purchase` happen from a server rather than in a browser. If done in a browser, a customer runs the risk of exposing their Spreedly credentials/access secret.

It is also important to note that we may not have expertise in all the languages and tools our customers use. While is typically sufficient, we defer to our customers' language/tool of choice for how to make API calls.

Our online resources point out other tips and tricks to help guide you. Here are a few:

  • A production gateway will not work with a trial (free) account. You need a subscription.
  • If using test data on a production gateway, it will read as a successful transaction.
  • Creating a separate testing environment can be a great way to prevent confusion.
  • Spreedly deems Gateway sandboxes to be too unpredictable and therefore does not support them. Our Testing Guide is provided in its place.
  • When initiating a `purchase` transaction, always give the `amount` as an integer number of cents. So if you'd like to run a purchase of $83.45, you'd pass an amount of 8345.

Take Advantage of Spreedly's Testing Guide

During testing, there may be questions about how you intend to utilize a production gateway. 

Have Technical Resources Available

Spreedly is an API which requires a certain level of technical experience to implement. Without technical resources at your disposal, implementing an API becomes a daunting task that will take far longer than necessary.

Spreedly's most successful customers have dedicated technical resources, whether internal or contracted, to take them from testing the API integration all the way to production launch.

More specifically, Spreedly is a payments API. While our goal is to guide our customers with industry leadership and state-of-the-art technical solutions, being familiar with the basics of the payments industry will reduce the learning curve and get you to production more quickly.

Not All Gateways Are Created Equal

Spreedly is proud to be gateway-agnostic, and we don't believe there is a best payment gateway for everyone. That does not mean, however, that there isn't a best gateway for each individual customer. You just need to find the right fit.

Spreedly supports over 100 payment gateways; they are not all the same. Some larger, more established gateways are better suited for volume transactions.

Other payment gateways are smaller or niche. In either case, customers can't wind up being an edge case for any gateway if it's not a good fit.

For example, some payment gateways do not allow for $0 `authorize` operations. That means your customers may end up seeing a temporary $1 "charge" on their statements prior to the `void` . In this case, a seemingly small gateway issue can wind up impacting how you work and support your own customers.

To summarize, communication is key. Spreedly wants to ensure you are thrilled with your service and support. The best way for us to do that is to provide as much information about what to expect as possible. If there are any knowledge gaps you hope Spreedly can close, please use the Community to have an open discussion. 

Or contact Customer Success and we'll gladly get you the information you need as quickly as we can.