It was with great pleasure and anticipation that Spreedly sponsored the Rails Rumble this year, and we weren’t disappointed: there ended up being a mind-bogglingly amazing field of entries. With applications ranging from the fun Lazeroids (argh – just lost ten minutes!) to the useful hurl (might come in handy for poking at the Spreedly API!) the skills and creativity of the Ruby on Rails community were on front and center display.

As promised, the overall winning team, makers of the slick Hi, I’m “internet nametag” site, are now the proud owners of a Spreedly Kickstart. As with a lot of the other teams this year, they plan to continue on with the application and build it out into a full-fledged business, and we hope Spreedly helps with that. Making money tends to be an important factor in business success, so we’re betting it will!

In addition to the frontrunner, Spreedly also sponsored a special “Ready to Earn” category, and it’s my pleasure to announce that the winner is: Affiliapp! We laid out three criteria for winning the Ready to Earn prize:

  • a clear business model,
  • an application that offers real value, and
  • a working Spreedly integration

Affiliapp has all three of these in spades, but what really impressed us was that Affiliapp has double Spreedly integration. Not only does it manage its own subscriptions via Spreedly, it also allows a business using Spreedly to plug in their credentials and get tailored information based on Spreedly transaction data! Such extreme awesomeness simply couldn’t go unrewarded, so we’re going to be hooking the one-man team behind Affiliapp up with a Kickstart. We can’t wait to see how it continues to improve.

Congratulations to the team, the Affiliapp team, and to all the other great competitors that made the Rails Rumble such a smashing success. We’re already looking forward to next year: what will you build?


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