Accout Updater now enables customers to select and update individual cards stored in the Spreedly vault.  Spreedly today released the latest version of its Account Updater solution. 

Spreedly Account Updater now also enables customers to select and update individual cards stored in the Spreedly vault. This enhanced control keeps card data current, significantly increasing transaction success rates and boosting merchant revenue. At the same time, it reduces the volume of cards submitted for each update, reducing management complexity.

"Every declined transaction loses a merchant more than short-term revenue ‚ it can lead to the permanent loss of that customer," said Justin Benson, CEO of Spreedly. That's why keeping stored card data up-to-date is so critical. The enhanced control and insight delivered by the new Account Updater helps merchants deliver a better customer experience. That means more successful transactions and happier, long-term clients.

This new version extends our commitment to data accessibility and business analytics. Spreedly customers can review executive results of Account Updater processes directly in their Spreedly Dashboard. They can also download the full results set for offline analysis and follow-up in their preferred analytics tools. This allows analysts to understand the volume and success of an update. And it helps them to determine next steps to improve vault quality and transaction success rates. 

Spreedly's new Account Updater is available immediately for all customers. Want more information? Read the Spreedly help article for more details on Account Updater.

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