Notice: As of 2016, we no longer support the Disbursements feature. 

Marketplaces, services that allow two or more groups of people to conduct commerce, come in a variety of forms. Consider service-based marketplaces like Uber or TaskRabbit, product-based marketplaces like Etsy, and event marketplaces like StubHub. While these marketplaces all serve different purposes, their common thread is in the need to federate the transfer of funds from a buyer to a seller. Collecting payments from buyers with Spreedly's support of almost one hundred gateways has long been possible. Today we're pleased to announce support for the other side of the marketplace equation: disbursements and payouts. Disbursements and payouts are synonymous and are the compliment to collecting payments. While many traditional e-commerce businesses are only concerned with collecting funds, online marketplaces require the ability to distribute funds as well. Spreedly Disbursements is designed to do just this: allow marketplaces to disburse funds to individuals across a variety of services. 

When used in concert with our existing payments support, Spreedly is the perfect platform for facilitating marketplace commerce. Our private beta starts today with initial support for payouts to PayPal accounts. Over the coming weeks we look forward to hearing from interested customers as we add support for a wide variety of disbursement endpoints. Please let us know if you're interested in using disbursements for your marketplace and what additional providers you'd like to see.