We get this question a lot. Just what is the difference between Spreedly and SpreedlyCore? There are a couple of different ways to answer. Spreedly is designed as a lightweight, simple, subscription service. It appeals to developers and business development folks who want to have a dedicated subscription service coupled to a payment gateway of their choice. When you visit a webpage with "Choose from one our of 3 to 5 plans!" then there's a good chance Spreedly could power that. Subscriptions, metering, open invoicing and trial plans. All in one simple service. SpreedlyCore is a simpler API much more akin to payment gateway API. Customers that pick SpreedlyCore typically have more complex billing requirements such as support for multiple gateways, alternative payment methods to credit cards, currencies, or unique billing cycles/requirements. Core stores your credit cards in a secure vault so that you can charge them for additional transactions if that's important. Imagine you want to sell an application to sporting stadiums so that their customers can order from the concession stand while sitting in their seat via their mobile phone. Stadium says "Love the idea! Now, we already accept credit cards today via Cybersource. You can support Cybersource right?" Of course, each stadium is different so it'll help that you support nearly 40 gateways. If you built on top of Core your answer is "You bet!". Then the stadium owner says "Hey some of the younger kids want to pay with this new service called Dwolla instead of a credit card. Do you know what that is?" Again, you support it. Now because SpreedlyCore is a super flexible API you can do a lot of things with it. We've had customers build their own recurring logic on top of it. We have customers who would rather develop against it vs a legacy gateway API. It can do all those things too. It's kind of an "up to your imagination" offering. We just want to point out the two most common use cases that we're trying to solve. What they both have in common is this. They both reduce your PCI scope dramatically - to just a SAQ-A in most cases. Spreedly does it via a hosted payments page. SpreedlyCore does it via a transparent redirect. The both allow for recurring transactions - it's just that Spreedly defines when those are (anniversary dates like month and year) while with Core you determine when those are (typically spontaneous repeat purchases but can also be time based) They both store your credit cards away from the payment gateway for independence and flexibility. They both come with (we hope you agree) great documentation, an API and support.

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