One of the great things about building a platform like Spreedly is that the possibilities are literally endless – we have a big list of great ideas for how to extend the experience, with more added every day. But of course the corresponding challenge is that we only have a limited amount of time to work on that endless list, and so we often have to leave ideas – some of them really popular – on the table. Wordpress support has long been in that “great idea, can’t work on it yet” category, with requests coming in on a regular basis for a simple, non-technical way to monetize content using Spreedly.

We’ve been hoping for awhile that someone in the community would step up and make a Spreedly Wordpress plugin a reality, and I’m happy to announce that that time has come: Luke Ehresman of Tebros Systems (one of our implementation partners) has just launched his Spreedly WordPress Plugin. It’s a supported, professional plugin that the Spreedly team has a lot of confidence in based on our long interactions with Luke. If you have an existing Wordpress blog you’d like to monetize, or if you have an idea for content you’d like to add on a subscription basis, we’d highly recommend it!

Learn about and purchase the plugin here: Spreedly Wordpress Plugin.

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