I'm relatively new at Spreedly, and I'm excited to announce some progress on the first ongoing project assigned to me.

Now that we are focusing more and more on providing a platform for all sorts of payment solutions, we need to provide more ways of connecting your systems to our API. We want to both enhance end-user experiences and provide options and conveniences to developers who integrate with Spreedly.

Up to now, we have not allowed cross-origin requests using JavaScript in a browser, preferring the arguably simpler and more reliable transparent redirect. This has never meant we do not see the power of JavaScript. However, once JavaScript is introduced on a page, the number of concerns increases along with the likelihood of failure, such as errors in client-side code and unsupported browsers. However, as we have seen our customer base grow, we have seen the demand for JavaScript solutions grow, too. The first step we've taken is to lay the groundwork for a number of JavaScript solutions we're working on for our customers.

Three calls are open right now using
(Cross Origin Resource Sharing):

Many of our customers are drawn in by the ability to offer multiple payment gateway choices as they onboard their own customers. This will allow your customers to create a gateway in your Spreedly environments. The gateway will be in a cached state - similar to how payment methods are - until your server retains the gateway.

Allows for adding a payment method without leaving the page as a transparent redirect would do. This accomplishes the same PCI goals, since the payment information never passes through your servers. If you've utilized modern payment gateways like Stripe, Braintree, PayMill etc. to implement payments, then this approach should feel very familiar to you.

If you are adding payment methods with JavaScript, you may need the complementary ability to re-cache sensitive information, such as the CVV number.

If you're wondering about JSONP, I want to tell you we chose to focus on CORS first because we intend to support modern approaches as well as solutions which are designed to work around old browsers. Adding CORS support has allowed us to focus on the JavaScript tools we're building before worrying too much about old browsers. Keep an eye out for JSONP support, as we do understand it is very important since every person who wants to pay you is an important customer, no matter how old their browser may be!

We have so you can get started right away. If you're working with multiple gateways in Spreedly and are interested in trying out the first iteration of our JS library, please do get in touch.

Happy coding!

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