One of the most consistent questions we’ve received since we launched Spreedly is, “Can I use it to collect in currency X?” where X is any of British Pounds Sterling, Canadian Dollars, Euros, etc. While we’ve really wanted to make Spreedly more accessible to the wider world, we’ve had to put it off to date since collecting in multiple currencies is a huge task and we’ve had to spend our time working on other priorities.

But then, about two weeks ago, we figured out how to “make half a product” and get a big part of the benefit of multiple currencies without a lot of the complexity. What we realized is this: a majority of those wanting to transact in different currencies weren’t wanting to collect in them simultaneously, but rather they wanted to pick a currency other than US Dollars and run all their transactions in it. And when we dug into allowing this simpler multi-currency support (we dubbed it “variable currency”) we realized that not only could we build it faster and release it sooner, it also moved us closer to full multi-currency in really important ways. So we got cranking and now you’ll see an extra option when you create a new site:

So how does it work? Well, whatever currency you select when you create a site will be used for all business within that site. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can only collect from subscribers who have a credit card in that currency – just like it’s always worked, your gateway and/or the subscriber’s credit card will happily convert from whatever currency you’re using into the subscriber’s native currency.

As you can see in the screenshot, you can’t (at least for now) change the currency once you’ve created the site. You can of course create another site anytime you’d like and set it to use a different currency, but a given site is locked to its transaction currency when it’s set up. We may revisit this limitation in the future, but for now you’ll want to decide on the currency before you go to activate and start using a production site.

Also, if you are interested in using a currency other than those listed, let us know at We’re adding support for additional currencies as we get requests from clients, so don’t be shy!

We recognize that some of our existing clients paid for Spreedly when it didn’t support this and may want to migrate their sites to a different currency. If you’re in that boat, drop us a line and we’ll work through it with you. In particular if you Kickstarted a site, haven’t used it yet, and would like to use a different currency, we can easily accommodate the switch for you.

We’re super excited to see Spreedly used by businesses all over the world, so go create a site in your preferred currency and let us know how it goes! We’d also really appreciate if those of you in far-flung places would help us spread the word about Spreedly – your heart-felt recommendations mean a lot to us.

P.S. Don’t forget that you can still get a great deal on a Kickstart. It’s definitely worth it if you plan on running a business on top of Spreedly.

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