Last week, from around the world, payments professionals came to Durham for the 2nd annual PAYMENTSfn conference. And what a great time we had.

2 years ago, Spreedly’s founders asked themselves: "which conferences can we send our technical team members to learn and network around technical payments topics?"

The answer wasn’t clear. So, we decided to build an event focused on the technical payments professional.

Concentrate on Getting a Diverse Array of Perspectives

Payments is complex. There’s no single path to success because payments undergird the customer experience and business models of each merchant. So, the permutations of what a successful payments implementation look like are as diverse as merchants themselves.

That means that it’s important to get many views on payments and how to address the related challenges. We heard from panelists and speakers from around the world – from start-ups to the world’s largest and fastest growing companies. Each had their own angle on how to address payments.

We also heard different levels of abstraction on payments challenges. Some speakers took a code-level view of payments solutions. Others went back up to a (literal) global perspective. That combination of levels of abstraction was invaluable.

Focus on Payments Experiences

Each payments initiative is unique. That means taking an individualized approach to solving each challenge. In the inaugural PAYMENTSfn in 2018, we also saw a lot of great content. Two of the audience’s favorite sessions in 2018 were talks by SeatGeek and PushPay. In both sessions, the speakers walked through a story of how payments grew and adapted based on business needs.

The success of those two sessions is why the PAYMENTSfn content committee emphasized experiences for the selected talks. This year we saw the fruits of that, with panelists, keynotes, and speakers talking through what they learned from payments crises and opportunities. And how they were able to work through them.

Supportive Payments Community

It was striking to walk through the breaks between sessions, or to join a conversation over lunch or at a Happy Hour. Payments product managers were talking with payments engineers – discussing what’s worked and how they’ve resolved complex payments challenges.

There was such a feeling of camaraderie and collaboration. I heard again and again stories of attendees leaving with new connections that they are going to rely on going forward. And the event was just a lot of fun – even if I lost my air hockey championship title.

Keep the Payments Community Going

All of these great experiences add up to one conclusion. Let’s keep it going, let’s keep building that community. That’s why you should look out for more updates about PAYMENTSfn coming to your town for a meet-up near you. Want to stay on top of the latest news about PAYMENTSfn roadshow events? Sign up here for updates to know where PAYMENTSfn is heading next!