How Spreedly Delivers Value

With Spreedly, you can transact in virtually any country through hundreds of payment gateways and endpoints — all while minimizing your PCI compliance scope. Our cloud-based infrastructure lets you build payment applications that support your business model. Our documentation, testing environment, and API operations help you quickly roll-out and maintain the powerful functionality your business needs.

accept card payments internationally

Open New Markets

You want to reach customers in new international markets. With a single integration, Spreedly lets you transact via payment gateways that support the countries you need. And when you want to add more gateways to support future expansion, it’s a snap.

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Accelerate Time to Market

It’s vital that you can adapt your business for new opportunities. Spreedly’s platform helps your development team focus on building new functionality that drives revenue — not on managing payments infrastructure.

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deliver payments applications faster
connect with third party payment APIs

Connect with Partners

Your business model depends on transacting with non-gateway partners. Spreedly lets you connect with merchants, ticketing companies, partner vendors, travel companies — virtually any third-party API. Now you can execute transactions with one partner — or many partners — all via a unified API.

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Support Customer Relationships

With Spreedly, you can collect and store card data securely in our vault. That lets you support subscription, recurring, and returning customers. And because we refresh stored card data to stay current, you can reinforce long term relationships with your customers.

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boost successful transactions
improve card processing

Increase Successful Transactions

When your customers are ready to purchase you want the experience to be great. Spreedly’s reporting, benchmarks, and tools helps you cut transaction time and failure rates. That means happier customers — and more sales.

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Business Flexibility

You want to leverage your transaction volumes to improve processing rates and fees. A single integration to Spreedly lets your business pursue favorable business terms with your payment vendors without incurring additional development cost. You don’t let technical constraints limit your business’s flexibility.

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change business payments applications
reduce security concerns and PCI compliance scope

Reduce PCI Compliance Risk

Businesses that accept credit cards must adhere to PCI requirements. Spreedly helps you minimize your PCI scope, reducing the risk of expensive audits. And keeping you focused on growing your business.

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Compare with the Industry

You want to know whether your successful transaction rates match industry norms. Spreedly collects rich, anonymized data on transaction success rates. That lets you spot areas for improvement and make better decisions about what gateways to partner with.

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benchmark payments success rates