Capture Customer Card Data

collect card data from customers

Collect Card Data Fast

Sometimes you want the fastest, simplest path to gather card data. Spreedly Express is a drop-in payment form. There’s no styling required, and just a few simple development steps. In short order you can capture card data — with minimal PCI scope.

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Accept Card Data via iFrame

Spreedly’s iFrame payment form gives you unlimited UX flexibility. Your development team can quickly implement a custom checkout experience — while minimizing your PCI compliance scope. You can collect card numbers and CVVs without sensitive data ever touching your servers.

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accept card data via iframe
capture card data via mobile

Capture Card Data via Mobile

Mobile applications have different security and workflow challenges. So, Spreedly’s single API supports mobile applications. We also offer a Swift client that can be easily integrated with iOS apps and Apple Pay. That makes it easy to deploy mobile applications and transact with your customers from anywhere.

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Add Payment Methods via API

While Spreedly’s iFrame and Express features provide easy browser-based card data capture, you may need server-side integration. Our API fully supports adding payment methods to your vault in the language of your backend systems -— while your application remains active.

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add card data via API
accept mobile payments

Mobile Payments Support

Modern payments extend beyond credit cards. With native mobile payments on Spreedly you combine the ease of use, security, and high conversion rates of mobile payments with the gateway-independence of Spreedly’s vault.

Spreedly lets you capture and transact against mobile payments just like you would a credit card.

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