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You need a payments infrastructure that supports your team as your technical needs change. We’re not a gateway. Instead, integrate your application to Spreedly once via a single API. Then transact via any payment gateway and connect to payment services when you need them.

Connect to the payment services your business needs

You want the power to do more with a transaction than just process it. Spreedly’s API-first architecture lets you connect to third-party services, like fraud analysis tools or loyalty programs. That makes it easy to incorporate your preferred value-add solutions as you accept payments.

Maintain your growth, not your integrations

Adding and maintaining API connections to the partners and payment services you work with is complex. But your business needs those integrations — now. With Spreedly, you connect once to a single API that gives you access to payment gateways, partners, and services around the world.

We’re ready when you are

Spreedly gives development teams the resources they need to move fast. Access our rich documentation, debugging tools, and a free trial to see how the platform matches your needs. Plus, rich metadata support and dashboards give you insights to guide your payments strategy.

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"Extremely clear documentation and awesome testing environment. It took me literally 20 minutes to test everything"
Mathias Fonseca
"Spreedly has allowed us to keep our development time focused on improving our platform.”
Peter Moody
"Leaning on Spreedly's technology is going to allow you to get to market faster.”
Justin Wheeler
"Cabify is a global business, working with different gateways. In this scenario, the fact of being informed about their behaviour is key, as minimal issues could lead to a severe economic impact."
Armando Rivas
"There's a lot of compliance and security issues that come along with taking payments. That's actually a big reason why we came to Spreedly."
Lance Carlson

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