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By partnering with Spreedly, platform and marketplace customers like you have a unique competitive differentiator. You’re able to onboard merchants faster. And you can provide a superior payments experience to your merchant partners. But how can you communicate that value to your merchants?

Our team has created the following resources to help you take advantage of your forward-thinking, strategic payments program as a unique differentiator for your organization.

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Key Messages: What’s in it for YOUR customers?

Here are a few easy ways you can communicate with your stakeholders about why they should care about your payments strategy and most importantly — what’s in it for them!

What your customer cares about…

More flexibility
You can onboard merchants fast without needing to build and maintain a connection to their preferred payment service
Higher success rates
You keep customers from churning after a bad experience — that means more return for your merchant customers
Security and compliance
You significantly reduce the complexity of supporting PCI requirements and keep your merchants’ customer data vaulted and safe
Easier and faster adaptation
You can identify opportunities for improvement and easily change your payment stack with a portable payment method vault and library of connectors

Platforms are digital business that enable exchanges between networks of consumers and merchants, e.g.: delivery and order ahead services, ticketing platforms, and industry-specific business management solutions

Ways to Share Your Payments Successes

Following are just a few ways your teams can share the impacts of your payments strategy with your stakeholders.

Some examples of how our customers share their payments strategy as a value add with their customers include:

- RFP Responses
- Technology and Infrastructure Overviews
- White Papers
- Website Content
- Social Media Content
- Press / Media Announcements
- Advertising

RFP / Proposal Inclusion
Our customers often share with their soon-to-be customers the investments they have made in payments and highlight some of the core benefits of Payments Orchestration.

Sample RFP response text:Our payments stack is built on a best-in-class, proven digital and card-not-present Payments Orchestration platform (provided by Spreedly) that brings a flexible payments strategy to our customers. Our platform includes a PCI level 1 processor-agnostic payment vault and tokenization service. This universal tokenization solution has standardized integrations to over 120+ payment processors and gateways as well as over 100+ transparent gateway (proxy-forwarding) integrations to PCI compliant third party part providers to support routing optimization and other payments scaling needs.

Press / Media Announcement

Many of our customers put out formal announcements about their investment in payments to showcase the organization’s commitment to customer experience, security and as a strategic benefit to the company itself.
For example, Arc Publishing (a division of The Washington Post) put out this announcement which highlighted several key product enhancements — including strengthening the payments infrastructure.

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