Spreedly and PinPayments Help Fix a Broken System

Why Spreedly?


  • Launching a payment gateway with global aspirations
  • Needed to vault cards and work with multiple payment gateways
  • Realized time-to-market and pay-as-you go made Spreedly a winner

How Spreedly Helps PinPayments

Pin Payments is Australia’s only all-in-one programmable multi-currency payment system. Grant Bissett is Pin Payments’ co-founder and product manager. Below he explains how Spreedly is helping them to change the payments industry in their corner of the world.

Until recently, online payments in Australia were broken. Local systems seriously lagged what was available in North America and Europe. This meant that companies based here were at a disadvantage compared to their peers in other parts of the world. Not cool. I want to tell you about how Spreedly helped us to fix things so that Australian companies could compete online with anyone.

Startups need help. We’re a small new company, and our resources are limited. The only way for us to deliver a world-class contemporary payments stack was with help from specialists. We realized early on that we didn’t want to build our own credit card vault, because we needed to work on delivering features to customers instead. Spreedly helped us to attain a purpose-built secure storage environment, and to get our service to market fast.

Spreedly weren’t our only option for secure card storage. Some banks provide this, as do several fancy-pants enterprise vendors who are not at all startup-friendly. As we researched the space, Spreedly became the obvious choice for us, because:

Many of the alternatives were, frankly, too “enterprise” for us. They offered hardware, licensing that doesn’t fit startups, and plenty of handshakes, but not so much of the secure storage we needed. If you’re in the market for something expensive that fits in a 19″ rack for 5 years without actually connecting to your business, then you will find no shortage of options. This didn’t work for us.

Spreedly are up-front about their adaptability. We’re connecting to different systems as we grow, and it’s important that we can expand to new markets or re-architect systems as-needed, without having to fight for our data each time. Using Spreedly helps us reduce any operational risk of lock-in with a particular provider or architecture.

The technical fit is not really critical, but it’s a great bonus. We’ve been aware of Nathaniel’s (Spreedly’s founder/CTO) work with ruby for years, for example. Occasionally we’ll collaborate on a change to our product, and when we do it’s helpful to know we’re speaking the same language.

Thanks to Spreedly for helping us to fix payments in Australia. Justin and the team have been one solid piece of a pretty exciting puzzle (BTW Spreedly doesn’t pay us to write this stuff, we’re just happy customers.)

We believe programmable payments will become a standard requirement for businesses as e-commerce matures throughout Asia, and we’re pleased to have Spreedly helping to connect Pin Payments to the action.