Securely Capture, Store & Deliver Payment Information

Spreedly de-couples PCI compliance from the payment provider allowing merchants and online marketplaces to build simple, secure and flexible payment stacks. Create mobile and web services that communicate directly with our API’s to securely store and route transactions.

Simplify PCI Compliance

With Spreedly, customer data never touches your servers. We provide various methods (iFrame, mobile app, Express, or via direct API) to securely capture data within your mobile or web application in a native feel without data touching your environment. Store the token we return against your customer record to do future repeat or recurring payments.


Universal Payment Tokenization

By de-coupling PCI compliance from any single payment provider, you can reuse a customer’s stored data against multiple providers. Imagine you have a ticketing marketplace. With Spreedly, a user of your mobile app can purchase tickets to the ballet on Monday and football on a Friday via different providers without having to re-enter their card data each time. Spreedly is a PCI Level 1 Service Provider. We feature Universal Tokenization, Fingerprinting, and Account Updater, which automatically keeps your customer card details up-to-date.

Worldwide Payments

Rapidly expand your SaaS or online marketplace by adding new payment providers in response to customer demand. With 100+ payment gateways supported in over 100 countries, Spreedly is continually expanding our global reach so you can too.


Partner API’s

As mobile and social change the way online commerce is happening, Spreedly allows you to integrate to 3rd party affiliate APIs for payment processing. Transact against travel, ticketing, fraud and fintech API’s by securely using receiver endpoints via our Payment Method Distribution API, which includes a Batch Export feature.


Payment Failover

For direct merchants, payment gateway downtime is a fact of life. With Spreedly, you can now failover to a secondary gateway by simply making a few API changes and redirecting your payment flow to your secondary payment provider. Our Third Party Vaulting also serves to handle overflow from sales spikes due to seasonality or growth.


Payment Gateway Data

Spreedly Insights allows you to view your payment gateway performance against other merchants using the same gateway. If you use more than one gateway provider via Spreedly, you can compare their performance side-by-side.

If you still have questions about Spreedly feel free to contact our Success Team. If you're ready to get started begin testing transactions with a free developer account.

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