Greater customer flexibility

Spreedly and Authorize.Net equals more customer choice! Spreedly and Authorize.Net equals more customer choice! Spreedly and Authorize.Net equals more customer choice!

Spreedly provides merchants the choice to work across multiple payment gateways, creating the flexibility to transact wherever you want.

Authorize.Net has decoupled its merchant account from its gateway, also allowing mutual customers to select the best value at each layer of the payment stack.

There are many reasons why you may want this type of flexibility:

  • You may want an extra gateway for fail over while your primary is under duress, or while your gateway is underperforming.
  • You may anticipate a peak in sales, and in preparation for this rush may want to have an additional gateway share the load.
  • Or, you may simply want the option to choose another gateway without the hindrance of adding a merchant account when you move.

How does it work?

Most Spreedly customers that want to add Authorize.Net as an additional gateway do not have to establish an Authorize.Net merchant account. This means you do not have to interrupt the continuity of your business, the safety and security of your payments, or compromise on the flexibility of a secondary payment gateway. You can simply re-use your existing merchant account.

How does Spreedly and Authroize.Net work?
Setting a Spreedly account is easy.

Setting up on Spreedly

  • You will maintain your integration to Spreedly for capturing card data on your site using Spreedly’s iFrame.
  • Spreedly will be the location that stores and tokenizes your customers card data.
  • You will setup a new Authorize.Net account that connects to Spreedly through the Authorize.Net API.
  • You have two options to connect a merchant account to Authorize.Net:
    • Provide Authorize.Net with your existing merchant ID information.
    • Instantly set up a new merchant account through Authorize.Net’s simple application.

Setting up Authorize.Net

  • Complete Authorize.Net’s online, single page application.
  • Immediately receive your welcome email guiding you through the activation process.
  • Provide Spreedly your new Authorize.Net API credentials.
Setting up an Authroize.Net account is easy too.

Authorize.Net is a Visa Inc. company with over 400,000 active merchants, processing more than 126 billion annually. Authorize.Net is the trusted choice to simplify the payment process and give you tools to help your business grow.