Connect to Third Party Payment APIs

connect to 100 third party payment APIs

Connect to 100+ Third Party APIs

With a single API, Spreedly connects to over 100 PCI compliant third-party APIs. We make it easy to do business with companies like Allianz, Expedia, Walmart Labs, and more.

Our Payment Method Distribution (PMD) technology makes adding more partners for even more transactions is a snap.

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Deliver a Great Experience

You want your customers to have a compelling experience — no matter how complex their transaction is. One purchase might involve multiple partners at once. And another transaction might use a single stored credit card with multiple merchants over time.

Execute even complex partner transactions — confidently and securely. That gives your customers a smooth transaction and lets you build sophisticated business models.

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great payments experience
batch export payments endpoint

Batch Exports to Endpoints

You’re processing large transaction volumes. Spreedly’s PMD applications let you send hundreds, or even thousands, of cards at a time to an SFTP endpoint. This function uses the same powerful templating capability from single-card PMD.

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Minimize PCI Compliance Scope

Passing transaction data to a partner should benefit you and your customers — and not be a compliance risk. That’s why Spreedly minimizes your PCI scope by tokenizing payment details and keeping data off your environment.

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minimize PCI compliance scope
add new payments API

Open to New Third Party APIs

We’re always adding new partner APIs to our network. Don’t see your preferred third-party API on our list? Or, you’re a API provider yourself and want to integrate with Spreedly? Let’s talk!

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