Payments Orchestration

Spreedly Solutions Stack: Accept Customer Payments

Capture payment details while staying PCI compliant to accept payments with ease to increase transaction volume.

Written by
Peter Mollins
Publication Date
May 20, 2022
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A seamless payments experience is essential when it comes to your customer's experience. Delivering flexible payment options, while ensuring your business possesses the capabilities necessary to launch fast all while securing customers’ payment details is a critical component of a positive customer experience. Accelerate your business’ ROI while maintaining an positive customer experience utilizing Spreedly’s Payments Orchestration platform to accept customer payments.

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Rough transcript of Spreedly Solutions Stack: Accepting Customer Payments:

Welcome to this series of discussions about various solutions that relate to payment orchestration. But first, let's talk about, what is payment orchestration? I think you need to step back and say, "Well, what is a great customer experience?" And every business has a unique customer experience because their business model is different from each and every one. It's how your customers buy from you, which markets you're in, whether you have a direct model or an aggregated model, which kinds of payment methods are used. Are you selling one kind of product or one kind of service? And so because of those very customized needs, it's no wonder that over 70% of businesses need to have a highly customized payment approach, a payment experience. And that's why so many companies, in fact, 70% of companies are demanding payment orchestration.

So what is payment orchestration? Payment orchestration is the idea that you can bring together an entire ecosystem and platform that provides you with the functionality that you need to serve your unique payment experience, and ultimately, your unique customer experience. So let's talk about the solution for accepting customer payments. To deliver a great customer experience, you have to efficiently capture and securely store customers' payment details. And so you might need the flexibility to launch quickly. Perhaps you're getting into a new market, perhaps you're rolling out a new product, and you want to have the most efficient way to get there with the great way to capture payments, but something that's not necessarily customized. Just something that is very quick to get to market. Or perhaps the customer experience is so vital to you that you want a highly customized payment experience, one that is tuned to your brand and your perspective on how a checkout experience should be.


Well, Spreedly's very flexible payment platform allows you to choose either approach. You can easily capture, store, and transact with ease. So you can collect card information, local payment method information, wallet information, or whatever your payment method is through a quick start approach where you can get up to speed and get out to market quickly. Or if you'd like to connect a much more nuanced, much more customized checkout experience, you can do so by connecting into our PCI compliant API. So how does that solution fit into payment orchestration? Well, ultimately, payment orchestration is about flexibility, the flexibility to adapt your payment experience to support your overall customer experience. It's the idea of being able to choose whether you want to have that simple or more complicated, more sophisticated version of your checkout experience for accepting customer payment details is up to you.

And again, payment orchestration is about choice, that flexibility to choose from a diverse and inclusive ecosystem of services and approaches in order to get the right model for your business and your customers. One of Spreedly's customers is Broadway. They're an online ticketing platform that serves the Broadway community, allowing venues to sell tickets more efficiently.

And one of the things that they wanted to do was to replicate the buying experience that you get when you walk up on Broadway and purchase a ticket from a box office. In order to do that, they knew they had to master a great checkout experience. And so they're using Spreedly in order to be able to accept credit card, debit card, other kinds of payment methods through their checkout experience for those venues that they serve. And they do so in a highly customized way that allows them to replicate that box office experience that they were looking for.

Choice and Customization

Now, let's talk about how Spreedly helps you in each situation. First off is the idea of getting the flexibility that you need. So perhaps you want to have a fast deployment that requires minimal coding. This is a great way to be able to conserve developer resources, so they can focus on the things that matter most to you, other aspects of your customer experience. Instead, you can drop in a very simple checkout that is customizable, that allows you to get up and running quickly. Or perhaps you need to have total control of the payment experience, in which case, by connecting into the Spreedly API, you can bring your own custom, highly tailored payment and checkout experience and connect that to Spreedly in order to securely store in a PCI compliant way, the credit card, debit card, and other payment method details that you're capturing in that payment process.

So you get the flexibility that you want in order to choose, that simple drop in form for quick launch or a flexible API for a highly customized checkout experience. The Spreedly platform gives you a full range of options. Today's customers demand the payment methods that they prefer. And so your end customers may want to pay with their preferred payment method, like a wallet or a local payment method. So you need to have that range of options, not just credit cards and debit cards, but alternative or local payment methods, and even ACH. With Spreedly, it's easy to choose the options that you want from a wide range of payment options. Simply check out our doc section or to figure out which of the payment methods that are available to you are the right ones for your payment strategy. The third aspect that I want to cover is around PCI compliance. It's absolutely vital for your business to be PCI compliant. After all, your ability to accept card payments depends on it.

PCI Compliance

If you're not PCI compliant, you simply cannot accept card payments online. But the cost and complexity of managing a PCI audit are very distracting and far beyond the ability of many organizations. Even larger organizations, the cost, risk, and distraction that comes from managing a PCI audit can be extremely burdensome and keeps your teams away from being focused on the things that you want to. Finance, accounting, developers, they end up being distracted and pulled away onto PCI audit related issues instead of focusing on a great customer experience. Well, with Spreedly, it makes it easy to support these regulations, like PCI. Our approach to payment method capture allows you to simply follow PCI's complex rules by keeping cards secured and away from your own infrastructure. Instead, you're outsourcing that PCI compliance to Spreedly, and again, allowing you to focus on more important elements. Now by accepting card payments in an efficient way, Spreedly allows you to orchestrate a better payment solution, and ultimately, a better customer experience for your clients.

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