Accelerate Growth

Merchant aggregators like Chargebee and Fonteva know the value of a flexible payments strategy. It focuses your developers on customers’ needs and lowers business risk. Plus, it lets you onboard merchants faster, expand into new markets quickly and offer revenue generating value-added payments services to your network.

We help hundreds of platforms – and their tens of thousands of merchants – increase flexibility and growth.

Our payment orchestration solution helps you:

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of building a flexible, PCI-compliant payment system
  • Attract more merchants by supporting the payment services they demand 
  • Maximize revenue by offering value-added payments services like routing and Account Updater

Minimize the Cost and Risk of Your Payments Infrastructure

To build a payment infrastructure that matches your business you need deep insight into security and regulatory standards. That redirects scarce development resources away from building differentiation within your category to maintaining a complex and dynamic payment platform.

We help hundreds of global platforms stay secure and comply with PCI and other regulations. Spreedly enables access to hundreds of payment services from a single API. That means you can get to market faster with less demands on developers. 

  • Focus developers on building value instead of maintaining dozens of gateway integrations 
  • Outsource compliance burdens via our secure, PCI-compliant vault and payment infrastructure
  • Future-proof your strategy with a portable, adaptable payment platform that you control

Land More Merchants on Your Network

Your merchants demand that you support their preferred payment services. After all, they have established PSP / gateway relationships they want to retain. And if you don’t support these services, merchants will go elsewhere.

Spreedly supports virtually any payment service in a “bring your own gateway” model – without waiting for your teams to build connections. You can focus your developers on adding value and your sales people on landing more merchant customers.

  • Support the payment services your merchant customers demand, giving you a key differentiator
  • Accelerate merchant onboarding with an ecosystem of ready-to-launch payment integrations
  • Minimize development effort by accessing our ecosystem of 120+ payment services

Increase Revenue from Your Merchant Network

Your merchant network depends on your platform to drive revenue. How can you help them increase sales and make your platform stickier? The answer is to offer value-added payment services. 

Spreedly’s platform lets you provide payment services like account updating and network tokens to refresh cards and keep customers transacting. Plus, smart routing and failover technology help avoid downtime and increase top-line revenue.

  • Ramp up transaction volumes via network tokens and account updater services that keep stored cards evergreen
  • Increase revenue from merchants by re-selling value added services and optimizing authorization rates 
  • Differentiate from competitors with a higher value platform that is more resilient and flexible

Hundreds of Happy Customers

See why 500+ innovative companies use Spreedly to orchestrate their payments.

“We don't have to do the work to integrate against all these different gateways individually. Instead the customer can come to us and say, well, here's the gateway that I already work with.”

Matt Monahan, VP Product, Arcxp, a Washington Post Company

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