Support Services Terms

The following terms describe Spreedly’s support policies for all Spreedly products and services (“Support Services”). Spreedly's Terms of Services are located at

Our Support Services are designed to provide Spreedly customers and partners with world-class customer support from a global team committed to ensuring your success with our solutions. 

Every Spreedly customer receives our base Business Support with 24x7 ticket submission and first response. Business Support ensures all customers have answers to product questions and troubleshooting guidance through email and our online ticketing system. All Customers have access to the Spreedly Help Center and Knowledge Base and to product Documentation; and can enroll for status notifications at the Spreedly API Status Page. Spreedly does not guarantee response, resolution, or uptime for the Business Support level. 

In addition to our Business Support, three levels of additional support services are available under an annual subscription plan (a “Subscription Support Services Plan”).

        Advanced Support includes the same services as Business Support and adds annual performance and         business reviews and a leadership sponsor to supervise service delivery as well as guaranteed response and         resolution times and an uptime SLA.
        Professional Support includes the same services as Advanced Support and adds access to our Red Alert         escalation system, implementation and project consulting during your onboarding phase, a technical account         manager, gateway consultations, bi-annual business reviews, and quarterly performance check-ins.
        Premium Support includes our Professional Support and adds critical case notification, shared Slack channel         support, a dedicated Strategic Account Manager, monthly check-ins with your account team, executive         sponsorship, consulting on implementation, project management and gateway integrations through a technical         account manager.


Contact Spreedly’s technical support by emailing or by submitting a request via our intake form at

Please include the following information in all support requests:
        The organization name associated with the Spreedly account
         A detailed summary of the issue or question
         Troubleshooting information (if applicable) including:
                         Gateway/Endpoint being used
                         Transaction, Payment Method and/or Gateway Token(s)
                         Link to Spreedly Dashboard
                        Error code received (Transaction Error or HTTP Status Code)
                       Steps to recreate issue
        Priority/Severity Level/Business Impact (see below for Severity Level definitions)

For customers on a Subscription Support Services Plan, critical case notification and phone support contact information will be provided by your technical account manager.

Support for our Partners
If you are a Spreedly Payments Partner and create a ticket on behalf of a customer, please include the customer's organization and email address when creating the ticket.

Support Hours
Spreedly’s email support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week, 365 days of the year. We may have reduced staffing during major holidays and we will advise through our Support Page if this is the case.

Expanded Support Regions
When submitting a new support ticket, you can optionally provide us more information on your preferred region for support. This helps us assign support staff from your region and means you'll be more likely to receive replies during your selected business hours. If you choose a preferred region, the support hours for your support ticket are as follows for all 7 days of the week:

                                  Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA): 8am-6pm EET Cape Town (UTC+2)
                                  Americas (AMER): 8am-9pm ET US+Canada (UTC-4)
                                 Asia Pacific (APAC):  8am-6pm SGT (UTC+8)


Spreedly customers can take full advantage of our self-help tools available within our Help Center, our API Status Page, and from there you can find product Documentation, technical Documentation, Knowledge Base articles, and access technical guides.

Spreedly is committed to rapid response of each request for support. All requests can be logged with Spreedly 24 hours-per-day, 7 days-per-week, 365 days-per-year via email at or via our request intake form at

Spreedly will use commercially reasonable efforts to promptly respond to each support request. Spreedly will provide continuous efforts (24x7x365) to resolve availability issues with the Transaction Processing Service until a workaround or resolution can be provided or until the incident can be downgraded to a lower priority.

Your satisfaction is important to Spreedly. After your case is resolved we may ask for your feedback via ZenDesk. Our support team regularly reviews responses, monitors customer satisfaction, and may contact customers where opportunities for improvement are identified. 

We may also reach out via other mechanisms to inquire about your willingness to recommend Spreedly and our services.  We appreciate your responses and value your feedback in helping us to continuously enhance our services.


Subscription Support Services Plans come with guaranteed response and resolution times prioritized by the severity and the selected plan as presented in the following Table 1.  

As used below, “Transaction Processing Service” means Spreedly’s core API responsible for processing customer’s payment transaction requests and does not include any beta features or non-payment transaction Spreedly services such as dashboard reporting.

Table 1

Severity Level Definitions
Customers should indicate a priority when submitting a support ticket based on the severity level of their issue, however, Spreedly may adjust the priority if the request no longer fits the original severity level definition. Spreedly is not responsible for any failure to meet performance standards caused by the misassignment of the priority in a support request. Support tickets submitted without a priority will default to Severity Level 3.

Severity levels are defined as follows:
        Level 1 (Critical): Transaction Processing Service is unavailable due to an issue under Spreedly’s control and         no work around exists.
        Level 2 (Serious): Transaction Processing Service is severely impaired due to an issue under Spreedly’s control         although a workaround may exist.
        Level 3 (Low): Non-critical maintenance, configuration or troubleshooting requests not impacting the         Transaction Processing Service. Includes product questions, feature requests, bugs, and development issues         that require investigation by Spreedly.

Before submitting a support request, please first check the Spreedly API Status Page to see if the outage has already been reported or if your issue is due to scheduled maintenance.

Support Escalation
Spreedly’s support team works to ensure that the appropriate resources are focused to ensure a timely resolution. If you are not satisfied with the progress of your support request, you can request an escalation. Subscription Support Services Plans come with a dedicated escalation path and Spreedly management supervision to oversee support procedures and resource prioritization to solve your support request.

Availability Commitments
Subscription Support Services Plans come with guaranteed service levels and service credits based on the selected support plan as presented in the following Table 2.

Table 2

The following conditions will apply to the calculation of uptime availability commitments in Table 2:

        “Availability” means that the services are up and running, accessible by customer and its end users, without         interruption or undue delay.

        Any downtime resulting from outages of third-party connections or utilities or other reasons beyond         Spreedly’s control are excluded.

        Downtime will begin to accrue as soon as the Transaction Processing Service is unavailable to customer         and/or its end users and continues until the Transaction Processing Service is restored.

        Spreedly will give no less than 5 business days prior written notice to Customer of all scheduled maintenance.         Spreedly will perform scheduled maintenance in such a way that any interruption of the Transaction         Processing Service is kept to a minimum and will provide a maintenance window that will not exceed 60         minutes individually or 24 hours in the aggregate in any month.

If Spreedly fails to meet or exceed the applicable service levels for Customer’s given Subscription Support Services Plan (a “Service Level Failure”), Spreedly will issue a credit to Customer (each, a “Service Credit”) in the following amounts based on the actual Availability during the applicable calendar month and the Customer’s selected Subscription Support Services Plan as presented in the following Table 3:

Table 3

Service Credits may not be redeemed for cash and will be applied to Customer’s next applicable payment. The issuance of Service Credits is Spreedly’s sole obligation and liability and Customer’s sole remedy for any Service Level Failure.  

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Spreedly has no obligation to issue any Service Credit unless Customer requests such Service Credit in writing within ten (10) business days of the Service Level Failure.


Internal Help Desk
Customer must establish and maintain an internal help desk for its customers to act as first-line support. Your first-line support will at a minimum include:

        1. a direct response to users with respect to inquiries concerning the performance, functionality or operation              of the product,
        2. a direct response to users with respect to problems or issues with the product,
        3. a diagnosis of problems or issues of the product, and
        4. a resolution of known problems or issues with the product with the help of technical knowledge base              articles, repositories and experience.

If after reasonable efforts you are unable to diagnose or resolve the product problems or issues, and you have reason to believe the issue originates with Spreedly, please contact Spreedly for technical support by email at or via our request intake form at


Customer will establish a technical lead to manage troubleshooting and establish best practices. Your technical leader will be the liaison between Customer and Spreedly for technical support. These persons must have sufficient knowledge of the Spreedly product and your own environment in order to work with Spreedly to analyze and resolve Support Requests. They are responsible for engaging Spreedly technical support and monitoring the resolution of all Support Requests and escalated support issues.

Your technical or project lead should be assigned to monitor and administer your integration with the Spreedly product and should have experience in network and third-party application troubleshooting as well as browser knowledge & debugging skills.

Technical Leads are responsible for checking Spreedly’s online resources (e.g. website product Documentation, technical Documentation and Knowledge Base) and the Spreedly Status Page before submitting a Support Request.


Customer must safeguard and protect unauthorized access to API keys and other credentials to access the Spreedly services. Spreedly will not issue credits or refunds for unauthorized use of Spreedly services through Customer’s issued API keys or other access credentials including compromises or abuse of Customer’s payment flows that subsequently interact with Spreedly services.


Updates to Spreedly Services
Spreedly may release Updates to its products and services pursuant to Spreedly's standard release cycle. "Updates" are defined as new releases, the provision of bug fixes, problem determination and error corrections, improvements, enhancements, extensions, revisions, and similar updates to the Spreedly products and services licensed to our customers together with related documentation. Spreedly will provide Updates at no additional charge. Spreedly may make changes to its products and services (including, without limitation, the design, look and feel, functionality, content, material, information) that Spreedly deems necessary or useful to improve the products or services or for any other reason and at any time, provided however Spreedly will not make any changes that will materially adversely affect its features or functionality without prior notice to and a reasonable opportunity to review and/or transition.

Where practical, Spreedly will schedule such Updates during non-business hours. Notice to Customer will be sent via email or posted at the Spreedly API Status Page.

Updates to these Support Policies
Customer understands that these Support Services Terms are subject to change at Spreedly’s discretion. In the event these terms are modified, the revised version of the Support Service Terms will be posted to Spreedly’s website at Unless Customer and Spreedly otherwise agree in writing, by using Spreedly’s Support Services after such updated terms become effective, Customer hereby consents to comply with the most recent version of these Support Service Terms.