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Transaction Fees

You pay $0.03 per successful transaction, unless the gateway is a Spreedly partner. We use the icon next to Spreedly Partner Gateways to let you know there are no transaction fees for using these payment gateways.

Storing Cards

Storing cards is optional. If you do, you will be charged $100 for every 5000 cards stored. You have full control via the API on when and how you add or redact cards to your Spreedly payment vault.

Q: We plan to store 15,000 credit cards, do 10,000 transactions per month and have 25 different merchant accounts in use at three payment gateways; Stripe, AuthNet and First Data. What would our monthly bill be?

A: You would pay $300 per month to store up to 15,000 credit cards. $100 for two Partner Gateways and $100 for one non-partner for a total of $500 per month. You would pay no transaction fee for any Stripe or AuthNet transactions as they are Partner Gateways. You would pay $0.03 per First Data transaction. Transaction fees are calculated monthly in arrears while gateway and payment vault fees are paid monthly in advance. We do not track the number of actual merchant accounts for billing purposes.

Can I charge a stored card against more than one payment gateway?

Yes. That's a central part of our value proposition; we give you the ability to reuse stored credit cards against more than one merchant account or gateway.

We're an early stage startup that wants to support multiple payment gateway out of the gate. Can you help?

Using our Spreedly Partner Gateways is an economical way to offer some of the most popular choices for platforms and marketplaces.

Do I have to pay gateway/merchant accounts fees as well?

Yes, Spreedly's fees are independent of and separate from payment gateway/payment service provider/merchant account fees.

Are you billing me based on the number of payment gateways I use or the number of merchant accounts?

We bill you based on gateway types (e.g. Stripe, AuthorizeNet, and Sage) with no limit on the number of distinct merchant accounts that you can support using those payment gateway types.

Are there transaction fees as well?

There are no transaction fees for a Spreedly Partner Gateways. There is a 3 cent per transaction fee for Standard gateways and for Receivers/PMD.

Does Spreedly charge me for a Test payment gateway?

No. You can use our Test gateway and do test transactions against test cards for free. They never count.

Will Spreedly return my credit card data to me if I leave?

Yes. We will do one export, free of charge, to a PCI certified location for you. We strive to complete the request within 1 week of receiving it.

What happens if my usage exceeds the plan that I am currently on?

Your service will not be interrupted. We will automatically update you to the appropriate plan for your usage.

How are payment method receivers counted?

For billing purposes we treat payment method receivers the same as payment gateway types. Each production receiver_type is counted as a gateway type.

Do I have to store cards?

No. In fact, you have to specify if you want a payment method stored. Otherwise we do not store the payment method.

Is Spreedly PCI compliant?

Yes. Visit our PCI Compliance page to learn more.

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