Last month we had the chance to host the first ever conference exclusively dedicated to payment engineers. During this event, the speakers and presenters delivered an incredible wealth of content that explored the challenges, lessons, and successes of working in the payments engineering space. The event was opened with introductory remarks from Spreedly's CEO, Justin Benson. He summarized both the mission of Spreedly in the payments market, as well as what would happen over the course of the PAYMENTSfn conference.


Why Create a Payments Conference for Engineers?

The Spreedly team had the idea for a conference for payments engineers three years ago. Financial Technology had already become a massive generator of value for businesses and consumers. And increasingly there was excitement around building applications that facilitated commerce and payments. There were a number of great events out there already that focused on payments. Among them are conferences like Money 20/20. That's a great event that an incredible number of people attend and do great business. And we thought it would be powerful to also add an event that focused exclusively on the payments engineer. Payments engineers build the stacks that facilitate commerce. This vital role is how businesses are able to scale transactions and revenue. But until now there hadn't been a community for them to share experiences and lessons learned. Now, in partnership with a great set of sponsors -- including BB&T, Google Pay, and Sikich -- the event was happening. PAYMENTSfn sought to fill that gap by providing a vehicle for presenters to share how they developed their payment stacks and how they continue to innovate.

How Spreedly Helps Payments Engineers

Next, Justin looked at why Spreedly is so well positioned to host an agnostic event focused on payments engineers. Spreedly aims to help businesses scale transactions by innovating on their payments stack. There are many fantastic vertical payment stacks out there -- including many that were in attendance. Often a company needs to integrate with or innovate across more than one stack. Why?

  • They might have legacy payments applications that require connections into multiple gateways or APIs
  • They might need to expand to new markets and their preferred gateway lacks support in that region or for that payment method
  • Or, they might be trying to transact with a third-party payments API or innovate their stack in another way

Spreedly is the last payments API you'll ever need. That means that when you connect to Spreedly you can access secure card vaulting, card tokenization, and integration into 220+ gateways and third-party payment APIs. That ability to connect across multiple payment APIs and the agnosticism that it requires is one of the reasons why hosting PAYMENTSfn was a natural for Spreedly. I'll continue to wrap up the conference with summaries of the great content across these sessions.

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