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How To Optimize Gambling Payment Gateways

A guide to how payments orchestration helps optimize gambling payment gateways.

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Nick Daley
Publication Date
July 12, 2023
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Enhancing gambling payment gateways through payment orchestration provides a simple solution for complex online gambling businesses. As the industry navigates unique challenges such as regulatory compliance, customer onboarding, and integration of diverse payment methods, an innovative and efficient approach to payment processing is critical.

The Challenges in Gambling Payment Processing

Online gambling businesses grapple with multiple challenges in the realm of payment processing. With the online gambling market valued at $63.53 billion according to Grand View Research, these challenges are worth conquering. Some of the many challenges are the integration of diverse payment methods for a global customer base, efficient onboarding of new customers, compliance with regulatory standards like PCI DSS 4.0 which is set to take effect in 2025, and managing financial risk through effective fraud prevention. Implementing and optimizing gambling payment gateways adds another layer of complexity to this equation.

How Payment Orchestration Helps Optimize Gambling Payment Gateways

Payment orchestration serves as a critical component in the world of online gambling, providing a streamlined solution to the complex challenges associated with payment processing. It bridges the gap between multiple payment methods, processors, and platforms. It also enables gambling platforms to offer a wider range of payment options, enhancing user experience, while ensuring smooth and secure transactions.

If a global online gambling company is looking to expand its reach, payment orchestration can effortlessly integrate diverse payment methods popular in different regions, from credit and debit cards to digital wallets and local banking systems. This seamless integration not only simplifies the payment process but also ensures every transaction is secure, providing both the company and its customers with peace of mind.

Are Gambling Gateways Considered High Risk?

A gambling payment gateway typically falls into the category of high-risk gateways due to the nature of the industry it serves. With challenges such as  including regulatory compliance, higher instances of chargebacks, and potential fraud risks. The high-risk classification is attributed to factors such as the increased likelihood of financial disputes which total an estimated $20 billion a year,  and the sensitive nature of transactions involving gambling activities. As a result, acquiring banks and payment processors perceive gambling payment gateways as carrying higher levels of risk.

Benefits of Payment Orchestration for Gambling Payment Gateways

Payment Orchestration powers up your gambling platform with features that enhance user satisfaction, optimize authorization rates, and streamline operations. These are some of the many benefits for gambling payment gateways:

  • Seamless Integration of Payment Methods and Services: Cater to a global customer base with diverse payment preferences while enhancing user experience. Provide more payment options for customers to drive more total transaction volume
  • Fraud Prevention Tools: Protect your revenue and maintain customer trust with comprehensive, real-time fraud monitoring, an essential in a sector often targeted by financial crimes
  • Limit Compliance Management: Let payment orchestration navigate the complex compliance landscape, freeing you to concentrate on your core offerings
  • Maximized Payment Approval Success Rates: Boost payment approval rates, reduce transaction friction and ensure a smoother, more satisfying experience for customers with payment orchestration

Ready to unlock the benefits of payment orchestration for your gambling payment gateway? Talk to an expert.

Further Simplify Your Online Gambling Payments

Embracing payment orchestration can yield considerable advantages for your online gambling business. It can optimize your gambling payment gateways, enhance your customer experience, and ultimately drive business growth.

Quick and Efficient Onboarding

With a payment orchestration solution, you can significantly expedite the onboarding process for your gambling payment gateways. You can gain swift access to a pre-established ecosystem of banking connections, payment integrations, and gambling payment processors.  You can also take advantage of an orchestration strategy, limiting reliance on a single gateway or payment method type, providing redundancy to your payment stack.

Minimal Development Effort

Building and maintaining all integrations needed for your payments stack to function for your business – and ensuring you have the resources to support new and changing needs – is a monumental task. A payment orchestration solution will shoulder the burden of complex development and integration requirements, giving you more time to focus on your core business offerings.

Easy Access to Gambling Payment Processors

Payment orchestration allows for the integration of additional payment services on demand. This leads to reduced time to market, provides redundancy, and enables your business to cater to a wider audience by connecting with a variety of gambling payment processors such as and new payment methods such as Apple Pay, PayPal, and others.

Limit Compliance Exposure

Navigating the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance is a necessity in the online gambling industry. Non-compliance can have serious implications, with fines that can hit an eye-watering $100,000 per month. Spreedly’s team of seasoned compliance experts will help ensure your online gambling business stays on the right side of PCI DSS and other crucial regulations.

Grow Your Gambling Business

Optimizing gambling payment gateways with Spreedly can be a game-changer for online gambling businesses. It addresses the unique challenges faced by the industry, including regulatory compliance, customer onboarding, and integration of diverse payment methods. Payment orchestration not only simplifies these tasks but also enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of transactions. It leads to improved operations, better customer satisfaction, and ultimately, business growth.

Harness the power of payment orchestration to optimize your gambling payment gateways. Get in touch with our payments experts today.

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