Introducing the Spreedly Changelog

Written by
Ryan Daigle
Publication Date
March 24, 2014
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One of the many benefits of using a managed service is that new functionality, updates, and bug fixes are deployed without your involvement. The flipside is that it can appear, at times, to be a bit of a black box with changes going into production without your awareness. We understand your business relies on its ability to process payments and benefits from an awareness of changes to the Spreedly service. 

Starting today, any and all such changes will be documented in the new Spreedly Changelog. The Spreedly Changelog documents functionality changes that are:

  • Externally-facing: noticeable to users of Spreedly
  • Generally available: available to all users of Spreedly and not in closed testing or limited release
  • Part of the Spreedly service: new and updated product features, not changes in documentation or marketing-related changes

We hope the Changelog gives you visibility into the changes we make on your behalf on an almost daily basis, and increases your confidence in our ability to maintain and operate a service on which your business relies.

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