Today we added Mexican payment gateway OpenPay to our list of supported gateways. Last month we announced that another Mexican payment gateway,, had joined the Payment Gateway Index page. If we include Cybersource, we are now up to five supported payment gateways for Mexico. 

That's some pretty exciting change and innovation happening for Mexican payments over the last year or so. (Full disclosure: is also a Spreedly customer) 

Why Spreedly? 

We have Spreedly customers who have launched their services in Mexico over the last year. For a range of reasons they've concluded that their initial payments selection isn't the right long term answer. Pre-Spreedly, switching payment providers is substantially harder to execute thus increasing the amount of friction required to make a change. With Spreedly there are no API changes and no begging for your cards to be returned. I can tell you it feels good to help customers grow faster by reducing payment friction. And I enjoy watching payment providers compete and win based on the providing the most complete services vs via archaic "lock in" business practices. 

Is Spain next? 

Spain is typically number 6 or 7 on our monthly list of which countries visitors are from. There's a lot of really interesting startup activity including Spreedly customer's Cabify and Bidaway. Yet up until very recently the local payment providers have been "challenging" to work with. We're excited by the overall change in the payments landscape in Spain. In particular we look forward to helping Pagantis launch over the weeks and months ahead. We encourage our Spanish customers and prospects to take a closer look. 

Where's Brazil? 

Mexico's advancement has us continuing to scratch our head on Brazil. Brazilians continue to express frustration about the lack of payment support in their country (check out this thread on Shopify as one example). It's difficult for us to know, and unfair for us to judge, from so far away. 

Still, we'd love to see someone do for Brazil what is happening in many other regions of the world. As Pin Payments, and others show Spreedly can be a critical building block in helping advance that cause.  

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