When your card vault has current, up-to-date cards on file, you can transact successfully. That means more revenue and happier customers. That’s why we built Spreedly’s Account Updater — to help optimize your success rates. And we’re continuing to extend our solution to make it even more powerful.

Spreedly’s Account Updater Adds Callbacks Functionality

Spreedly’s Account Updater solution is being enhanced to include Callbacks. Account Updater subscribers have already seen increased transaction success rates by ensuring vaulted Visa, Mastercard, and Discover payment methods are kept up-to-date as card number, expiration date, or account status changes.

Soon, subscribers can receive automated feedback on Account Updater results via Callbacks. Delivering actionable insights, Spreedly lets you build workflows based on individual updated card statuses.

How Account Updater Callbacks Works

As an alternative to viewing Account Updater results in the Spreedly dashboard, Callbacks can be used to push results to a destination of your choice. Notifications are delivered as an HTTPS POST to a public-facing URL on your server. Since Account Updater operates in large batches, each Callback contains up to 150 transactions from the processed batch of cards, and each transaction is signed in order to verify authenticity of the communication from Spreedly.

Callbacks inform you of the status of each payment method selected for update during the bi-monthly Account Updater batch process. Each card submitted for update is reported back as either: “number/expiration date updated”, “account closed”, “invalid update,” or “contact cardholder to update payment information.”  Using Account Updater Callbacks, Spreedly customers can take action on this information to ensure stored payment methods are kept up to date.

Automate Card Updating Processes

Previously, the ideal group of stored payment methods to keep current are those which can be updated automatically by the card networks, a feature which requires issuer participation. Because of this requirement, cards are often reported as “contact cardholder,” forcing manual interaction by the cardholder to update their cards. Based on this status, merchants are often forced to develop outreach processes to prompt cardholders to update their payment information.

Now, when using Account Updater Callbacks, this process can be automated. An effective outreach solution will help keep greater portions of cards up-to-date and drive higher recurring transaction success rates.

Spreedly has also found many cards marked “contact cardholder” are repeatedly sent for update, even if there is no change in status from previous update attempts. Using Callbacks, marking cards ineligible for update can be automated, ensuring they are not included in a batch again until the cardholder has updated the necessary account information. By preventing cards still pending cardholder update from being sent in Account Updater batches repeatedly, merchants can save on the fees associated with submitting cards that will produce an already known result.

Get Started

Callbacks will be available only to Spreedly customers on Pre-Paid Account Updater plans. Pre-Paid plans offer a significant discount over standard pay-as-you-go Account Updater pricing.

If you are ready to get started on a Pre-Paid plan and implementing Callbacks, contact Spreedly today.