New Spreedly Dashboard Boosts Successful Transactions

Written by
Peter Mollins
Publication Date
May 2, 2018
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The new Spreedly Dashboard is here! It gives users tools to increase successful transactions.

You're building great buying experiences for your customers. And you want to support that experience with successful transactions. Spreedly gives you tools to monitor and troubleshoot transactions to increase success rates, and do more business.

Now, the new dashboard puts key Spreedly functionality at your fingertips. You and your team have even faster access to the data, insights, and tools you need to help boost successful transactions. Start your free trial now

What's New in the New Dashboard?

We listened closely to customer feedback, building it into the new release. We've centralized key management tools into a single tool, and we've only just started on our mission to build a powerful and practical dashboard for you. From one place, you can:

Monitor your Transactions

Right from the Spreedly Dashboard, you can monitor the execution of transactions. You can get insights into account usage, transaction volumes, success rates, and more. You also gain great visualizations of transaction success rates over time. That allows you to spot areas for areas for improvement and stay on top of your customer experience.

Plus, the Spreedly Dashboard lets you compare your transaction success and failure rates against Spreedly averages across multiple gateways. That gives you peace of mind about your account performance and lets you quickly address opportunities to boost your success rate.

The new dashboard makes it even easier to troubleshoot and debug your application. Simply select the environment you want to focus on in order to filter transactions. Then, when you click on a transaction, you're taken to key information about it -- like whether it succeeded and relevant error messages. You can even get quick access to any failed or successful transaction through a quick search function within the dashboard.

The Spreedly Dashboard features quick links to get to important Spreedly tools. The sidebar brings together links to access account insights, manage your account, view billing details, speak to support, monitor recent transactions, and review our detailed developer documentation. That makes it faster for you to access the Spreedly tools you use most often.

The new dashboard is live, and you can start now! With the new Spreedly Dashboard, you have a new, unified experience to help you do more business.

Get started by reading the Spreedly success article or access your dashboard now.

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