Payments Compliance Resources

Payments and Regulatory Compliance: Resources

A key part of doing payments right is to address the many critical and mandatory regulations that online merchants and marketplaces are required to comply with. The Spreedly team has written quite a few blog posts and guides on these topics, and we've collected them here.

Written by
Peter Mollins
Publication Date
July 21, 2019
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Online payments are a vital part of your business, and they’re important to get right. A key part of doing payments right is to address the many critical and mandatory regulations that online merchants and marketplaces are required to comply with.

Over time, these regulatory requirements and compliance burdens can really add up. They can distract your team from a focus on innovation and generating growth. At Spreedly, we help reduce the effort needed to comply with many payments regulatory challenges. These include regulatory topics like PCI, 3DS, and more.

Another way we help is with information about payments regulations to help you learn about the context of payments compliance. The Spreedly team has written quite a few blog posts and guides on these topics. Here is a quick index of some of the resources available.

Spreedly Simplifies 3DS2 Compliance For Merchants With Multiple Gateways

Spreedly 3DS2 dramatically accelerates your ability to deliver 3DS2 across multi-gateway environments. That allows your team to drive even higher success rates, reduced fraud, and greater focus on innovation.

Payments Dialog: PSD2 And Payments Regulations

an image and link to psd2 and payments regulations post

Europe has long been at the forefront of regulations related to privacy and security — particularly in payments. PSD2 is the next generation of mandates that the European Union has set out to enhance security for online payments. In this episode of Payments Dialog — Spreedly’s series of video interviews — we talk with Luke Evans about the history of PSD, what PSD2 means for merchants, and what else is coming soon from a regulatory perspective.

Confidently Meet Compliance Obligations With Spreedly

an image and link to confidently meet compliance obligations

You want to focus on building new applications that drive revenue and support your end customers. But if your development team is focused on understanding new regulatory regimes and turning these requirements into functionality in your applications, you’re losing time. This post from Spreedly product manager Brian Hendrix looks into details about how Spreedly helps merchants move their development investment back to building a great customer experience and reducing compliance scope.

Upcoming Regulations And Compliance: A Primer From PAYMENTSfn 2019

a post and image for upcoming regulations and compliance

PAYMENTSfn is the annual payments conference that Spreedly launched in 2018. This year’s event looked at a number of themes for technical payments professionals. And one of the stand-out topics that had everyone’s ear was compliance. In this panel discussion from the conference, an array of experts and practitioners lent their expertise to discussing security and regulatory challenges for the payments industry. A must watch!

Payments Dialog: What Is PCI Compliance For Card Not Present?

an image and link for payments dialog and pci compliance

In another edition of Payments Dialog, Spreedly chats with Brian Hendrix on the bedrock payments regulations related to PCI. The Payment Card Industry produces standards around compliance for payments that are vital for any merchant to understand. Spreedly helps to simplify PCI compliance by reducing the scope that applies to your business. A must watch for anyone interested in reducing PCI burden — which includes any merchant transacting online.

SCA: To Comply Or Not To Comply, That Is The Question

an image and link to a post about SCA compliance

SCA, or Strong Customer Authentication, is a mandate from the European Union scheduled to come into force in September 2019. This post from Brian Hendrix unravels some of the mystery around what the regulatory framework is and how it applies to merchants.

PSD2, SCA, And 3DS2: Understanding The Basics Of Upcoming Regulations

an image and link to a guide for psd2 and 3ds2

Regulatory frameworks can be an alphabet soup of acronyms. And payments regulations are no exception. In this detailed piece, Luke Evans does a deep-dive into what some of the upcoming regulations are and what they mean for online merchants. This post is a handy short cut to understand the landscape of upcoming regulations.

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