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Payments Orchestration: Benefiting Gateways and PSPs

Payments Orchestration helps gateways and PSPs strengthen and deepen their offerings to digital merchants in a few very important ways.

Written by
Janna Johnson
Publication Date
September 1, 2020
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With all the noise in the payments ecosystem, how can you best position your organization’s offerings and unique contribution? How can you grow your reach across the industry and best get in front of your target customer?

Merchants, platforms, and marketplaces depend on the power of payment services to transact with their customers. A multi-provider strategy is one that businesses are increasingly demanding to support their unique — and changing — business needs. In this payments ecosystem reality, it’s important for gateways and payment service providers (PSPs) to be able to showcase their unique value and differentiators in meeting the needs of their customers.

Payments Orchestration offers a secure, unified layer to enable, optimize, and analyze digital payments. It brings together all of the disparate services, tools and technologies across the complex payments space. Payments Orchestration helps gateways and PSPs to strengthen and deepen their offerings to digital merchants in a few very important ways.

Retain Current Merchant Customers

You want to protect and expand your existing merchant relationships. As customers grow, their needs change; they require coverage in global markets, compelling success rates across transaction types, and more payments functionality. But it’s not possible to cover every customer need.

By employing a Payments Orchestration strategy, your customers can still take advantage of the unique value you bring to them, while also more readily accessing additional services you may not offer to cover their needs for currency, fraud, and more. This lets you retain your existing business while still meeting customers’ needs.

Grow and Expand New Channel and Merchant Relationships

You want to access new merchants and start transacting with them — fast. However, it can be a challenge to get merchants to open their payments stack to a new vendor. And the technical task of integrating their systems with your service can delay onboarding.

One of the most important benefits to Payments Orchestration is the ability to “connect once”. This means it’s easy for a merchant to experiment with and validate your solution. Plus, with a single API, there’s no delay in transacting — merchants can start processing with you in days not weeks. This makes your organization a go-to partner.

This also provides your customers with the ability to easily and cost-effectively “test” out your solutions. When the development burden is low, your team can take the opportunity to showcase the value to your customer. This means more volume and a win/win scenario for everyone.  

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