Payments Orchestration

Payments Orchestration for Fintechs

How fintechs can effectively utilize Payments Orchestration for increased ROI

Written by
Jessie White
Publication Date
September 9, 2022
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The Fintech space is highly-competitive in nature; because of this it is absolutely critical to differentiate your organization from your competitors. Payments Orchestration equips Fintechs with the means necessary to do so by employing a comprehensive, flexible approach to your payments strategy. By offering an ecosystem of payment options to your customers you can increasingly drive transaction volume while extending your value with further added payment services.

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Rough transcript of Business Models: Fintechs

Jessie White: Hi there. I'm Jessie White, strategic partner manager at Spreedly. When I refer to a Fintech, that could be anybody from a new payment method like Modo in Argentina, a checkout optimization platform like Arrow, or a subscription management platform, like Chargebee. FinTech could also refer to payment gateways and acquirers like Stripe or CyberSource, as well as fraud tools like Count or Forter.

Fintechs are unique when it comes to payment orchestration, because there is truly no room for error. If a fintech is going to expand to their user or merchant base, get new funding, or launch in a new market, there really can't be any doubt about their payments' acumen or ability. Fintechs like to push the bounds of payments orchestration with complex use cases, payment flows, and regulatory requirements. Fintechs are also constantly launching or modifying their products, which makes flexibility even more crucial.

A merchant who is simply selling goods online will probably not run into the same technical payments hurdles as a fintech. Fintech companies like payment gateways and fraud services are in a hyper competitive space. It's vital that they differentiate themselves to attract and retain customers who increasingly demand a flexible approach to their payment strategy.

With our payments orchestration solution, you can acquire new customers by supporting successful transactions in the markets they demand, retain existing customers by increasing flexibility in their payment stack via payment orchestration, and offer value added services to customers with account updater, network tokenization, smart routing fraud orchestration, just to name a few.

Your business's growth depends on adding new merchants and platforms to your service, but competitive pressures mean you need to constantly enhance the value of your service to differentiate. Spreedly helps fintechs around the globe via access to our ecosystem of payment services. That allows our fintech customers to build out a more comprehensive solution for prospects, to tap into new geographies by offering customers connectivity to a world of payment services, to help differentiate from competitors by providing a flexible approach versus an incomplete solution, and partner with the leader by working with our established platform in deep industry knowledge and relationships.

As the advantages become clear, the market trend toward a multi provider payment strategy continues to accelerate. That means your merchant and platform customers expect the ability to connect to multiple services or they'll choose another vendor. Spreedly's flexible payment infrastructure lets you provide a range of services to your existing customers that gives them the control they need while retaining them as a profitable customer. You can support your customers by delivering the range of payment services they require, avoid all or nothing volume situations by giving the option of transacting with you and partners, and address renewal RFPs confidently by extending functionality and global coverage via our ecosystem.

Even the largest payment service providers don't have a complete range of capabilities to support growth in fend off competitors, payment services must leverage peer services in related markets. Spreedly's ecosystem approach and robust platform enable fintech customers to access a range of functionality. New capabilities can reinforce your offer, include the ability to give merchants flexibility for their tokenization strategy with a portable vault and agnostic network tokens. You can offer value added services like fraud orchestration and smart routing technologies and leverage our experts in framework to quickly connect your service to the Spreedly ecosystem. We would love the opportunity to speak with you about how Spreedly can help meet your needs. Thanks for your time.

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