Payments Orchestration

Payments Orchestration for Merchant Aggregators

The many benefits Payments Orchestration can provide to merchant aggregators

Written by
Nur Hayat
Publication Date
August 26, 2022
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As a platform with various sub-merchants, your organization requires an advanced, flexible payment strategy. This strategy must meet the unique needs of your customers while encompassing the robust attributes your organization needs to scale. Watch our most recent Business Model Vlog featuring Nur Hayat, Senior Product Manager at Spreedly, who discusses the many benefits of adding Payments Orchestration to your payments strategy as a merchant aggregator.

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Rough transcript of Business Models: Merchant Aggregators

Nur Hayat: Hello. My name is Nur Hayat, Senior Product Manager for our merchant aggregator solutions here at Spreedly. Merchant aggregators represent business models that create value by facilitating exchanges between two or more interdependent groups. They aggregate merchants at scale by providing a valuable service. And typically those business services are dependent upon payments for their success. And this is where aggregators turn to Spreedly.

Examples of our merchant aggregator customer verticals include digital platforms, like delivery and order ahead services, e-commerce platforms, and marketplaces. At Spreedly, we are building capabilities to help our merchant aggregator customers accelerate their growth through payment orchestration solutions and a flexible payment strategy by enabling you to onboard your merchants faster, expand into new markets quickly, and offer revenue generating value-add payment services to your network.

Fundamentally, how do Spreedly Payment Orchestration solutions help you? The first is by minimizing the cost and risk of your payments infrastructure by reducing the overhead and complexity of building a flexible PCI-compliant payment system. We help hundreds of global platforms stay secure and comply with PCI and other regulatory standards. Spreedly enables access to hundreds of payment services from a single API. That means that you can get to market faster and your developers can focus on building value instead of maintaining dozens of gateway integrations. You can outsource compliance burdens via our secure PCI-compliant vault and payment infrastructure. And you can future-proof your strategy with a portable adaptable payment platform that you control.

Secondly, Spreedly solutions enable you to land more merchants on your network. Your merchants demand that you support their preferred payment services. They have established PSP and gateway relationships they want to retain. Spreedly supports virtually any payment service in a bring your own gateway model without waiting for your teams to build connections. All this enables you to support the payment services your merchant customers demand, giving you a key differentiator. You accelerate merchant onboarding with an ecosystem of ready to launch payment integrations. And you minimize development effort by accessing our ecosystem of more than 120 payment services.

Lastly, Spreedly Payment Orchestration solutions enable you to increase revenue from your merchant network and make your platform stickier by offering value-added payment services. Spreedly's platform lets you provide payment services like account updater and network tokens to refresh credit cards and keep customers transacting, plus smart routing and failover technology to help avoid downtime, increase top line revenue and optimize authorization rates. Our product team is looking to optimize all of these services and more for our merchant aggregator customer base. These payment capabilities enable you to differentiate from competitors with a higher value platform that is more resilient and flexible.

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