Spreedly Launches New Payments Orchestration Solutions Addressing the Unique Payments Needs of Merchant Aggregators

Added Payments Orchestration solutions specifically tailored to meet the specific needs of merchant aggregators

Written by
Lorra Gosselin
Publication Date
September 7, 2022
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Spreedly, the provider of the leading Payment Orchestration platform, today announced Payments Orchestration solutions designed for the unique payments needs of merchant aggregators (platforms and marketplaces that onboard and serve individual merchants). 

“Merchant aggregators have payment-related requirements that are significantly different than a traditional digital merchant,” said Randy Guard, CPO and CMO of Spreedly. “They must support a broad range of payment services and scenarios that their merchant partners demand. That makes it difficult both for their development teams to keep pace and for their business teams to monetize their payment offers.” 

“Spreedly has a long track record of equipping merchant aggregators like Volusion, ChargeBee, and Fonteva with orchestration solutions.  We’re excited to announce this set of new offerings that help our merchant aggregator’s customers to strategically manage their payment flows while also creating new revenue streams for the business,” added Guard.

“A key part of our success has been in delivering unmatched value to our merchant network,” said  Paul Day, VP of technology, with Volusion, an all-in-one ecommerce solution that helps entrepreneurs build and manage successful online businesses. “Spreedly’s merchant aggregator solutions allow us to rapidly offer our merchants access to an array of payment services. That keeps our development team focused on core differentiation and lets us offer optional value-added services to our network of merchants.”

Spreedly’s Merchant Aggregator Solutions include:

Payments Enablement Solutions

Successful merchant aggregators attract new merchant partners by offering an array of payment services. With Spreedly, aggregators can provide independent payment method tokenization. The portability of the vault allows merchants to select their preferred payment services from across Spreedly’s comprehensive ecosystem of providers. This flexibility lets aggregators quickly onboard new merchants without development friction.

Payment Method Optimization Solutions

Merchants know that an invalid stored card leads to lost revenue and dissatisfied customers. With Spreedly, aggregators can offer evergreen payment methods as a value-added solution to their merchant network. Our combination of account updater technology and agnostic network tokenization keeps payment methods current, and customers transacting.

Payment Transaction Optimization Solutions

Every transaction is vital – to the consumer, merchant, and aggregator. So, it’s important that false declines are avoided and transactions keep moving. Spreedly’s optimization solutions enable aggregators to offer services that route transactions between payment services. That helps drive higher authorization rates while minimizing false declines. The result: higher revenue and happier customers.

Learn more about the Payments Orchestration for merchant aggregators at

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