Pin Payments purchases Spreedly Subscriptions

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Justin Benson
Publication Date
July 14, 2013
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Today we're announcing that

We'll be focusing on what was our Spreedly Core (now just Spreedly) service.

The transition will be a gradual one, with the Spreedly team continuing to be involved with all support until the end of September at the earliest. We'll be carefully maintaining all the API endpoints our customers are using today, so that even as the service moves to Pin's domain existing integrations will not be affected. Also, if and when any IP addresses change, we'll notify customers whose gateways do IP whitelisting so that they can add the new IP's well in advance.

Our goal is to ensure uninterrupted service through the transition and then enhanced services as Pin Payments takes over the service entirely.

To give our customers ultimate flexibility we created an independent credit card vault that worked across multiple payment gateways. No longer would your livelihood be tied to some antiquated payment gateway.

Subscriptions though is a subset of a much larger online commerce market. Soon we were approached by companies interested in the benefits of our vault and multiple gateway capabilities. They wanted access to a non subscription set of API's. It fit well with our overall goal of enabling developers to create really cool new services where payments were no longer the bottleneck. Thus we launched Spreedly Core. With 30% month over month growth rates we now had two related, but distinct, services competing for our development resources. 

When Pin Payments, an early customer on Spreedly Core, approached us interested in acquiring the subscriptions business we knew it made sense. The functionality was a natural extension to their newly launched payment offering. Culturally, they're also a developer focused payments company trying to make life easier for their customers. And their global aspirations lend itself well to supporting our diverse customer base.

We know that any type of change can create concern for customers. Understand that Spreedly and Pin Payments have a sustained ongoing relationship which creates strong incentives to ensure this transition goes as well as possible. 

Perhaps most importantly for the long term success of the service is Pin's plans to invest and enhance the service going forward.

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