Provides Mutual Customers the Ability to Access Advanced Fraud Fighting Features

Spreedly today announced that as part of Spreedly's preferred partnership with Stripe, mutual customers are now able to leverage the advanced fraud fighting tool, Radar, to help reduce fraudulent transactions and approve more legitimate orders.

Radar helps detect and block fraud using machine learning that trains on data across millions of global companies. By learning from a network of global businesses processing billions in payments each year, Radar assigns risk scores to every payment and automatically blocks many high-risk payments. The solution is included with Stripe and is available to their customers.

“As part of our integration with the Stripe Connect platform, customers can access many of its advanced payment features, including Radar,” commented Andy McHale, senior director of product management with Spreedly. “Fraud drives incremental expenses for merchants and platforms alike via chargeback losses, fees, and merchandise loss. To combat these losses, merchants and platforms often integrate various fraud tools. Connecting those fraud tools and payment gateways via a Payment Orchestration Platform simplifies system complexity by reducing the number of direct vendor integrations and orchestrating them to work together.”

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