Spreedly Now Supports over $30B in Annualized Gross Merchandise Volume

Spreedly today announced that its platform now enables and optimizes over $30 billion in annualized gross merchandise volume (GMV) globally.

Written by
Lorra Gosselin
Publication Date
September 8, 2021
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Adoption of the Spreedly Payments Orchestration Platform Gains Momentum Across Industries

Spreedly, the provider of the leading Payments Orchestration platform, today announced that its platform now enables and optimizes over $30 billion in annualized gross merchandise volume (GMV) globally. To support this growth, Spreedly has also expanded its team by over 50% year-over-year.

The GMV orchestrated by Spreedly includes digital purchases for merchant and platform customers all around the globe, across a diverse range of industries including delivery and order ahead, travel and hospitality, events and ticketing, giving, digital goods, subscription and recurring payments.

“Spreedly's original vision is that the payment ecosystem benefits when it's open and inclusive to all participants. As we cross $30 billion in annualized GMV, we feel validation in the original vision and work hard to expand on our accessibility to include optimizing the payment ecosystem,” said Justin Benson, CEO of Spreedly. “Many new Spreedlings have joined us and share the goal of providing a secure payments platform that optimizes payment flows with higher authorization rates driven by superior payment method selection or smart routing recommendations.”

Spreedly enables and optimizes digital transactions with the world’s most complete Payment Services marketplace. The Spreedly platform offers a secure, unified layer to enable, optimize, and analyze digital payments. This gives merchants and platforms the flexibility to adapt as their payments strategy evolves and business grows.

Payments Enablement

Merchants and others connect once to the Payments Orchestration platform to capture and securely store payment details. They can then leverage virtually any payment service to successfully and flexibly transact.

Payments Optimization

Customers can connect once and intelligently route transactions to the right payment service to support any number of payments strategies. Customers can also use powerful tools to analyze transactions, keep payment details current, and constantly improve their payments ROI.

For more information about how Payments Orchestration can help support your rapidly evolving payments needs, visit our Payments Orchestration resources page.

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