Payments Orchestration

The Business Drivers for Payments Orchestration: Optimize Digital Payments

This short video provides an overview of how Payments Orchestration enables you to effectively optimize your payments transactions and deliver higher success rates with more flexibility.

Written by
Daniel Scagnelli
Publication Date
December 8, 2020
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Growing your business is your priority. That means increasing the ROI from each digital transaction. Not only for short-term revenue, but also to build long-term customer relationships.

This video series takes a deep dive into how the world’s most successful organizations solve their business pains with Payments Orchestration.

Hosted by Daniel Scagnelli with Spreedly, this segment provides us with an overview of how Payments Orchestration enables you to effectively optimize your payments transactions and deliver higher success rates with more flexibility.

Rough Transcript (edited for readability):

Hi, I'm Daniel Scagnelli, director of solutions engineering at Spreedly. I'd like to talk to you a bit about payments ROI. Growing your business is your top priority. That means increasing the return on investment from each digital transaction, not only for short term revenue, but also to build long-term customer relationships. Payments orchestration provides the platform to effectively optimize your payments transactions and deliver higher success rates with more flexibility. Latency, success rates, and features vary widely by gateway across currencies, countries, and even payment method. Plus your business is unique, right? Your payments needs aren't a one size fits all. You want to choose the right mix of payment gateways, and services to support your business needs. You want to grow. It's vital to your success, and it's vital that every valid payment method transaction succeeds. But which payment gateway will deliver you the highest success rates?

How about the highest success rates in a specific market? The reality is it varies by country. It varies by currency, and by card type. A smart payments orchestration strategy doesn't force you into only using a single vendor, and it gives you the flexibility to transact with the right services in the markets you want, based on what your business needs. It should also allow you to add and experiment with new gateways, with ease. AB test in a new market that you're expanding into. Review your portfolio of existing service providers and test against new competitors. By building a payment stack, that's perfectly tuned to your unique requirements, you can get the performance and the transaction results that you need for your business. Further, we know that customer experience is of the utmost importance. A great customer interaction is the hallmark of a successful digital business, especially when it comes to accepting payments.

So how do you avoid the risk and the cost of fraud while minimizing false positive declines? And how do you leverage add ons? How do you leverage loyalty programs to improve your bottom line and encourage stronger customer adoption? Payments orchestration lets you do all of these things by connecting to any payment service, including fraud tools and gateways with experience in your target markets. This lets you boost success rates for your ideal customers to keep revenue growing, while you can build the digital workflows to streamline their experience with you and your company. Finally, with so many factors, including success rates, how do you stay on top of optimization? How can you get the same level of optimization the world's most demanding digital businesses achieve? Payments orchestration provides the opportunity to intelligently route transactions to match your business requirements. This means you can optimize your success rates and lower transaction costs. We'd welcome the chance to speak with your team about payments optimization, your payments strategy, and how Spreedly might be able to help you.

Thank you.

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