“We Wanted to Build a Checkout Tool and Spreedly’s Payments Orchestration Made it Really Easy for us.”

Liat Beng Neo, co-founder of Arrow

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Successfully Navigating Payments in Southeast Asia

The Arrow team needed to have a tokenized vault that was PCI compliant, as well as offer a range of payment service integrations to their customers seeking to expand into Southeast Asia. 

Arrow helps their customers offer the best online checkout experience in Southeast Asia. With their help customers are able to drastically increase conversion rates and reduce online shopping cart abandonment resulting in increased revenue. Their checkout solution is “headless” – meaning that in addition to traditional e-commerce sites, sellers are able to embed checkout into channels like messaging platforms (e.g. WhatsApp, Telegram) and social media (e.g. Instagram, TikTok). Arrow is also tech stack agnostic, and helps merchants seamlessly integrate its checkout solution into their current tech stacks.  

The Arrow team uses Spreedly’s Payments Orchestration platform to quickly and easily offer their customers the ability to implement any number of payment services and local payments methods. This creates a faster time-to-market and additional trust created with target customers. 

"The key to the successful navigation of the Southeast Asian payments waters is localisation. People in Southeast Asia have their own way of shopping. Companies need to take all of this into consideration when defining a payments strategy. To win consumers’ trust, businesses/merchants must offer payment methods that those consumers know and trust."

Each country in the region has their own local gateways, and every potential gateway partner offers even more local payment methods. This complexity makes it very difficult for a business to begin offering products and services to the Southeast Asian market. Additionally, different payment service providers offer different checkout experiences which does not support a seamless customer experience. 

Spreedly helps Arrow to reduce this complexity while still offering the right mix of payment providers to their customers. 

“We wanted to build a checkout tool and Spreedly’s Payments Orchestration made it really easy for us to have a tokenized vault that's PCI compliant as well as offer pre-integrated gateways, as Spreedly offers hundreds of gateways that work well, already integrated on their platform.”

Arrow is now able to offer their customers a shorter time-to-revenue:

“By taking local gateways and integrating them into Spreedly’s setup, market expansion for us is very fast and the cost to run the business is low, since the cost of PCI compliance is deferred to Spreedly.
This allows us to focus on our core business, which is building an amazing checkout experience for shoppers in Southeast Asia. And allowing brands, businesses that want to launch, to easily integrate with us and gain access to hundreds of payment methods across the region.”

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