How Spreedly Helps Subscription Payments

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Caravelo is a travel-tech company that provides subscription solutions to the travel industry. It helps clients increase revenue and market share while also improving crisis resilience, reducing the impact of seasonality and creating a better customer experience. The SaaS company has been providing flight subscriptions solutions and know-how to airlines since 2015 and is currently the only company in the world that can create and manage true flight subscription programs.

Leveraging Payments Orchestration has enabled Caravelo to easily implement payment flexibility for their customers. This is done by connecting to Spreedly’s powerful API to carry out transactions through virtually any payment service in over 100 global currencies. Furthermore, this presents Caravelo the opportunity to expand globally while strengthening customer relationships and lowering payment costs.

Simplifying payments for travel

“Payments are an often overlooked part of the customer experience. In the world of travel, this last mile of the buyer’s journey is critical,”
José Luis Vilar, Co-Founder and CPTO, Caravelo

Payments are complicated. Making payments in travel even more complicated are cross-border transactions, fraud, and very high expectations from customers. 

Working with Spreedly, Caravelo has been able to offer the security and compliance standards their customers demand. They are also able to offer the right mix of payment methods that passengers desire (e.g.: digital wallets) while enforcing identity verification standards is a major value for Caravelo’s customers.

Subscription models are the future of travel

Subscription models allow airlines a level of confidence when addressing anticipated revenue. An industry that was once focused on singular-ticket ticket transactions may now broaden their income flow. An industry that was once focused on singular-ticket ticket transactions may now broaden their income flow.

“What we are doing is changing the relationship between airlines and their clients, adapting successful models from other industries where subscriptions have changed the vertical for the better,”
José Luis Vilar, Co-Founder and CPTO, Caravelo

Spreedly supports Caravelo’s subscription payment model by offering the numerous payment service provider integrations required via a Payments Orchestration layer. By removing the otherwise complex burden of building and maintaining these payment integrations, Caravelo can focus on their core business functions and add more value for their airline customers.