"Payments Orchestration Gives us an Edge with A Build-It-Once Approach that Dramatically Shortens the Onboarding Process for our Merchants."

Amin Yazdani, CEO of Craver

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Spreedly Gives Craver an Edge

Craver is one of the fastest growing technology startups in the restaurant industry. Craver has developed a leading mobile app platform for the restaurant industry which is helping hundreds of local restaurants to engage their customers with a mobile app that is branded for their restaurant.

Offering features such as mobile ordering, payment, rewards and loyalty and more, Craver helps restaurants retain and grow their loyal customer base. The Craver platform democratizes order ahead technology so that it is accessible to local businesses, powering the technology needs of small businesses across the globe.

Craver brings technology that was previous only available to larger chains to the smaller, local restaurants. The technology gives their customers access to the convenience required by their customers while keeping the tight relationship these local establishments have with their community.

“Every one of our customers has a unique set of gateways, payment service providers and other necessary integrations. As a result, we found our teams were pulled in too many directions attempting to develop and maintain these integrations. Payments Orchestration gives us an edge with a build-it-once approach that dramatically shortens the onboarding process for our merchants. Faster integrations mean our restaurant partners can deliver for their customers immediately. It’s a true win-win.”

Amin Yazdani, CEO of Craver

Changing Tastes

Payments in the restaurant industry has changed dramatically. In addition to the need for convenient ordering, there is now a demand for easy payments that also take into consideration the health and safety of staff and customers. Contactless ordering and delivery must include the payment process as well.

Speed is also an important consideration for small, local restaurants. They risk losing out on revenue if they are unable to be a viable option for hungry customers with lots of alternative food delivery sources. This is also especially true for loyal customers seeking ways to support their favorite small, local restaurants through gift certificate purchases and ongoing to-go orders.

Craver’s team knows that their restaurant customers need to quickly modernize their order and payments processes while at the same time keeping in place the way they currently do business. This includes the relationships each of their customers already has with payment gateways and other payment service providers (PSP).

How Spreedly Delivered

Payments Orchestration from Spreedly provides the foundation for Craver’s platform. By making the integration to Craver’s technology seamless, customers are able to maintain their current relationships with their gateways and other PSPs while still taking full advantage of the ordering convenience and customer experience offered by the Craver platform.

This also means a quick integration and a nearly immediate return for Craver’s restaurant partners who can offer their customers all the value of online order ahead, contactless delivery and digital payments.

Craver’s customers also benefit from a broader look at payments and the impact to their bottom lines. While so many organizations only look at rates and percentages when it comes to payments, the Craver team guides their restaurant partners to consider the total cost of payments to the bustiness. This includes the manual work required in things like accounting and other functional areas.

Craver helps take these added costs off the table for their customers so they can focus on what they do best — feeding hungry customers.

"Our goal is to help restaurants without forcing them to change the way they serve their customers. That's why we like to seamlessly plug our solution into their current business model. They focus on serving their customers and growing their loyal customer base, and we focus on being almost invisible — just streamline the process and make it convenient for restaurants and their customers."

Amin Yazdani, CEO of Craver