"Leaning on Spreedly's Technology is Going to Allow you to Get to Market Faster"

$45 billion is donated to charities online each year. Because of this, the nonprofit payments space is fragmented, and choosing a single gateway to build Funraise on would have been difficult.‍Funraise was able to use Spreedly to integrate with multiple gateways, instead of choosing just one.

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How Spreedly Helps Funraise

Solving for a complex and fragmented space

Online payments in the nonprofit space only make up 10% and there's no single dominant gateway. By integrating with Spreedly, Funraise was able to onboard more nonprofits.

If we built Funraise on a specific gateway, we would have alienated ourselves from the majority of nonprofits in the market.

Justin Wheeler, CEO Funraise

Going international quickly

Funraise knew they'd like to expand to other countries, and help nonprofits raise money internationally. By using Spreedly, they were able to accomplish this fast.

We had ambitions to go international as fast as possible. So within just a few weeks of launching, we were already international.

Justin Wheeler, CEO Funraise

Account updater for recurring subscriptions

Funraise uses Spreedly's Account Updater feature to keep cards on file updated. This ensures their subscriptions are up to date on a monthly basis.

About 50% of our payments are recurring subscriptions through our nonprofit customers. And if those cards expire or aren't updated, we're losing out on transactional revenue for the business.

Justin Wheeler, CEO Funraise