Spreedly Keeps HotDoc’s Patient Payment Information Healthy

HotDoc needed a solution that would allow for them to seamlessly connect to multiple gateways while keeping sensitive patient payment information secure. Click the link below to learn more about how payments can build value for the entire ecosystem.

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HotDoc is Australia's largest and most trusted patient engagement platform with over 21,000 listed doctors and 8 million active patients. Nearly 1 in 3 Australians use HotDoc to connect with their preferred doctor. Patients use the platform to book online and manage their family’s health. Additionally, practices and medical practitioners use HotDoc as an all-in-one solution to connect with new and existing patients.

HotDoc’s mission is to improve the healthcare experience for everyone in Australia. They do this by giving clinics access to online bookings, telehealth, appointment reminders, SMS recalls for clinical reminders and results, mobile and kiosk check-in, digital new patient registration forms, online prescription renewals, and tools for encouraging preventative health.

By adding orchestration to their payments stack, HotDoc is able to accelerate revenue growth, build a flexible payments strategy, and offer peace of mind to their patients by keeping patient payment information secure in Spreedly’s PCI level 1 compliant vault.

“We care deeply about our patient’s security and privacy. We never see or store any card details on our side. We utilize Spreedly’s PCI-compliant vault to secure private payment information so we can focus on our patient’s health needs, ”
Tristan Lawrence, Head of Security, Privacy & Reliability at HotDoc

Connecting to Multiple Gateways Seamlessly

The HotDoc team identified the need to connect with more than one gateway partner in order to deliver the best customer experience and highest success rates. Rather than bear the burden of building all necessary gateway integrations themselves, they conserved their valuable internal resources and leveraged Spreedly’s single API to integrate with multiple gateways seamlessly. HotDoc now has more time, energy, and talent to focus on their core business operations. 

“In the past, adding a gateway may take us three to six months. Now we can do it in a matter of a month or even less should we so choose,”
Anton Ivanopoulos, Staff Software Engineer at HotDoc.

HotDoc’s PCI Passed its “Health Check”

Patients never have to worry if their payments are secure with HotDoc. All patient payment information is tokenized and secured in Spreedly’s PCI level 1 compliant vault, replacing patient sensitive payment data with non-sensitive data whenever a transaction takes place.

“As a result your card details, CVV codes and data are never visible to HotDoc nor the practice, but you will see your payment method in your HotDoc account so that you can use this for future payments,”
Tristan Lawrence, Head of Security, Privacy & Reliability at HotDoc

Here’s how the HotDoc team uses payments as a competitive advantage and core benefit to its patient customers and the healthcare practices it supports: