Spreedly Enables Paytronix to Onboard New Clients Quickly

Paytronix is enhancing the order ahead payments experience by offering a variety of alternative payment options to customers through Payments Orchestration.

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Paytronix is the leader in digital guest engagement for restaurants, convenience stores, and other retailers who want to develop meaningful relationships with their guests. It does this by aligning the various components of the guest engagement ecosystem including loyalty, gift cards, CRM, messaging, online ordering, and mobile phone apps. By aligning all of these various components in one platform, restaurants and convenience stores can create long-lasting relationships that increase customer lifetime value.

Paytronix supports over 35,000 locations and works with 1800 brands, including Jimmy John’s, Panera Bread, Peet’s Coffee, Uno Pizzeria and Grill, and many others throughout the US, Canada, and the UK.

Paytronix utilizes Payments Orchestration via the Spreedly platform to allow for faster onboarding of its restaurant customers. Paytronix’s payments stack allows new customers to maintain the relationships they have with their payment service providers while integrating their payments flows – all in one day.

“We don't want payments to hold up your launch. When you're ready to use online ordering, you want it immediately,”
Tim Ridgely, head of order and delivery at Paytronix.  

Bring More Value and Loyalty to the Customer

Working with Spreedly, Paytronix has been able to optimize the checkout experience by offering the right mix of alternative payment methods to their customers – and in turn hungry consumers. This along with storing customers’ checkout information, reduces friction and streamlines the checkout experience for new and returning customers.

“Meet the guests where they are. Whichever device they're using, however they're ordering, have the payment flow seamlessly with that,
Tim Ridgely, head of order and delivery at Paytronix.  

Additionally, the payments team at Paytronix offers the ability to tie loyalty accounts to Google Pay or Apple Pay. This allows a customer to join, earn points, and use those rewards on a check with the restaurant. This has resulted in a 10% lift in involvement for these types of loyalty programs.

Alternative Payment Methods and the Order Ahead Industry

Optimizing the checkout process to account for alternative payment methods is crucial to the success of digital ecommerce organizations. When additional alternative payment methods are added to the checkout payments stack, transaction volume increases, order time is quicker, and the cart abandonment rate decreases.

“As we're adding these new payment techniques in the ordering space...innovation with payment, it turns out, creates these great experiences and you get rewarded for it,”
Andrew Robbins, CEO at Paytronix