Supreme Golf

How Spreedly helps Supreme Golf with recurring revenue

PYMNTS spoke with Ryan Ewers, Chief Operating Officer of Supreme Golf, about how they use payments to gain more loyal, recurring customers. By reducing payment declines Supreme Golf is able to build trust and a positive customer experience with Payments Orchestration.

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Payments Orchestration from Spreedly enables Supreme Golf to capture recurring customers

 Supreme Golf offers the world’s largest tee time booking site which allows users to compare millions of tee times across thousands of golf courses around the globe. Supreme Golf operates with partner golf courses to increase revenue, acquire new golfers, and improve overall golf course management flow. 

The task of surpassing customer expectations while efficiently maintaining relations with golf courses is critical to Supreme Golf’s success. Helping their golf course customers to avoid payment challenges is also important when building recurring, long-term customers. 

“That’s the worst-case scenario for us: A person wants to book a tee time, the payment declines for whatever reason and they may never come back.”
Ryan Ewers, Chief Operating Officer of Tee-Time Booking Website at Supreme Golf.

Account updater allows Supreme Golf to prevent payment declines

Thanks to account updater via Payments Orchestration from Spreedly, customers’ card details are always up-to-date ensuring that no payments are declined due to an expired card. This protects from lost revenue and involuntary churn to make certain that the golf course can successfully complete the transaction without any troubleshooting needed by the customer or merchant. 

“If we don’t use a third party, we have to build that integration [ourselves], and obviously that’s expensive and time-consuming. But now we’re in an environment where we can leverage this payments orchestration and make sure that we are able to charge through the right gateway. We don’t really have any complaints [from customers]; everything seems to work pretty well.”
Ryan Ewers, Chief Operating Officer of Tee-Time Booking Website at Supreme Golf.

A seamless payment checkout experience is the key for long-term growth and success

Implementing a single, seamless API integration saved Supreme Golf valuable time and resources.

A seamless payment experience that otherwise would have required complex processes and heavy lifting from internal teams, has been made possible for Supreme Golf customers using Spreedly. Payments Orchestration has enabled Supreme Golf to more quickly add more happy golf course customers and grow revenue. 

“We’re growing because we are able to take care of our clients and our customers and charge those credit cards because [golf] memberships are all about recurring billing. It all comes down to being able to accept that payment.”
Ryan Ewers, Chief Operating Officer of Tee-Time Booking Website at Supreme Golf.