Enabling Merchant Aggregators to Deliver Unmatched Value to Merchant Customers

“Spreedly’s merchant aggregator solutions allow us to rapidly offer our merchants access to an array of payment services. That keeps our development team focused on core differentiation and lets us offer optional value-added services to our network of merchants.” Click the button below to learn how Volusion CEO, Troy Pike, uses Payments Orchestration to better monetize their activities across platforms and marketplaces.

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A recent press release announcing the availability of Payments Orchestration solutions designed for the unique payments needs of merchant aggregators (platforms and marketplaces that onboard and serve individual merchants) included comments from customer Volusion, an all-in-one ecommerce solution that helps entrepreneurs build and manage successful online businesses.

"A key part of our success has been in delivering unmatched value to our merchant network,”
Paul Day, VP of technology, with Volusion